You're going to want to jump on the puffer jacket bandwagon this winter. Here are 9 of the best.

Before you tell me, "Australia doesn't get cold enough for a pUfFeR jAcKeT!!!" I'm here to tell you that YES IT DOES.

Ask the people living in Tasmania! Or even Melbourne! Or just take one long look at my pale fingers come winter and then tell me it doesn't get cold as my circulation slowly cuts off. 

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Yes, I know it's nothing compared to the freezing temps of Canada and England, however, the only thing that keeps me from wallowing in my misery from June to August is my puffer jacket

How I think I look during winter VS what I actually look like. Image: Getty.


Over the years, the puffer jacket has gone from something your dad wears when he mows the lawn on a Saturday morning, to a wardrobe necessity. Brands like The North Face and AJE Athletica have added their own spin on the classic piece, making it more trendy and feminine and less fisherman-core.

No longer is a puffer considered "ugly". In fact, it can be just as chic as a trench coat, you just need to find a style that suits you. Personally, I enjoy a longline jacket with a hood, but if you're planning on wearing it while hiking or working out, something shorter will most likely suit you best.

So if you're a fan of staying warm, but still want something that looks like Kendall Jenner would wear it, then check out my favourite puffer jackets below — there's even one for $39!

Kmart Active Women's Bonded Crop Puffer Jacket, $39.

Image: Kmart.


Target Oversized Puffer Vest, $40.

Image: Target.


H&M water Repellent Down Puffer Coat, $134.

Image: H&M.


The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, $550.

Image: The North Face, The Iconic.


Cotton On Body The Recycled Mother Puffer Jacket 4.0, $79.99.

Image: Cotton On, The Iconic.

Nike Therma-FIT Loose Hooded Parka, $190.

Image: Nike, The Iconic.


Champion Rochester Padded Jacket, $149.99.

Image: Champion, The Iconic.


Bondi-Active Puffer Vest, $180.

Image: Bondi-Active.


AJE Athletica Cropped Signature Logo Hooded Puffer 711, $295.

Image: AJE Athletica.

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Feature Image: The North Face/AJE Athletica/Cotton On Body.