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Bachelor in Paradise's Ciarran has a new hair-do and we have some... thoughts.

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We don't want to alarm anybody, but Australia's former long-haired love turned Bachelor in Paradise villain has done what everyone does when faced with a personal crisis.

He's made a drastic, perhaps questionable hair decision. Relatable.

Ciarran posted his VERY BRIGHT new 'do on his Instagram stories on Thursday, showing off a dramatic cut and colour by Fitzroy's Edwards & Co salon, and look, we can't help but think this is in response to his less-than-favourable new identity given his BIP storylines.

Ciarran has been copping a lot of flack for his attitude on the show, which has included complaining about 'bro code' when Matt took his ex-girlfriend Renee on a date, perpetuating toxic stereotypes of women as 'property', and double standards since he himself got with one of Renee's friends.

It's not been a good time for the Bachelorette fave.


But anyway, back to the hair: Is it a huge mistake? Do we love it? Hate it? We have to at least admire his bravery, right? 

Our minds have been preoccupied with his highlighter pink strands ever since we first saw them, and uh, we have a few thoughts and queries.

Is this an attempt to avoid Bachelor in Paradise-related attention on the street?

He's shed his very recognisable long-haired, maybe-a-little-bit-Lucius-Malfoy look at the same time Australia has turned on him courtesy of some bad reality TV behaviour. 

Not a coincidence.

Who was his muse?

Image: YouTube.


Or perhaps more accurately, what was his muse?


Image: Getty.



Why do we feel like he has matching budgy smugglers?

And why do we kind of... want... to see that...

What happens when you turn the lights off? 

Like... does he... glow?

We're pretty sure we gave one of our Barbies the exact same hairstyle in 2001.

Courtesy of scissors and a pink highlighter. Probably a far more cost efficient option that Ciarran's.

His hair and neck are in a tight competition for attention.

We don't know where to look.

Image: Giphy.

Is Ciarran becoming a living, breathing adult colouring book?

We too love colouring in mandala inspired pictures.


Is a Geordie Shore appearance on the cards?

Idk just a vibe.

Image: Giphy.

We genuinely want to know his haircare routine.

Seriously, @ us your go-to products pls mate.

At least it wasn't a full fringe.

There's a mini fringe going on, but Ciarran skipped the cliché choice and we commend him for that.

This would have cost a fortune.

One of the perks of being a reality TV star is probably getting good discounts on expensive haircuts. I guess this balances out having Australia berate your behaviour, share opinions on your relationships, follow your every move and write articles about the choices you make to your own head. 


Will it look like an older woman's rinse when it fades?

Image: Getty.

We wouldn't be mad about this. It is still chic as hell, to be honest.

We've definitely fallen for his ploy, to get us to stop talking about his behaviour and instead focus on his... hair.

A cunning plan. We may have fallen for it, but we respect the play. 

Feature image: Channel 10/Instagram.