Private terminals & four nannies: Chrissy Teigen on what it's really like to be an A-list celebrity.


Ever since Instagram invented that little “ask me anything” box we’ve been getting to know influencers, media personalities and reality TV alumni in a whole new way.

But when it comes to the tier above – the one reserved for the private plane owners, multiple mansion owning, mega MEGA stars – we rarely get to hear much about the actual practicalities of their lives.

But model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen has done just that. She’s dishing all over the Twittersphere about what it’s like to be a full blown A-list celebrity – and it’s so bloody interesting.

Speaking of celebs, here’s what Tim Minchin would tell his five-year-old self. Post continues after video. 

Video by Mamamia

Chrissy started her late night Q&A with a bit of a peek at her junk drawer which… looks like a junk drawer.

“It’s celebrity question asking time! Ask me, your favourite A list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a super huge A list celebrity,” she tweeted out to her 12 million followers.


To save you scrolling into the depths of Twitter, we’ve helpfully compiled a list of the most interesting questions and answers.

You’re welcome.

1. They’re super insecure.

We were under the impression A-listers were sitting in their mansions feeling super smug but… no. Chrissy is constantly in a state of fear that she’s going to lose it all.


2. They all have some weird rider that they have to have in their dressing room.

From Van Halen’s M&Ms with all the brown ones removed to Mariah Carey’s bottles of Evian watercelebrity riders are well documented.

It seems when you get to that level of famous you just can’t… help yourself?

Even Chrissy admits to this weirdness. I mean who needs ranch in their dressing room. WHO?!


3. They’ve got a s**t load of help.

Ok, we knew A-listers had some help and all but FOUR NANNIES? What the heck?


4. They don’t have to pay a single electricity bill and seriously?


Life admin tasks like paying gas/electricity/rent/mortgage are the worst. Imagine just being sent a summary and not even blinking an eye about how you’re going to pay for something?


5. They have secret accounts and WE KNEW IT.

We know this one sounds obvious, of course they do…but we’re still shook.

6. Paparazzi are the pits.

Thankfully, it’s not quite so bad here in Australia but the American paps sound next level crazy.


7. Awards shows are also the pits.

They are super fun to watch in terms of fashion but my god they’re long, and we only watch them via screens. Imagine sitting in an auditorium for that long?



8. Holidays aren’t really… holidays.

I mean we might check the occasional work email, but generally on holidays us normal folk get to recharge and relax. Unfortunately when you’re stupidly famous you never get to completely switch off.


9. They can’t just pop down to the shops.

But they also don’t have to… pop down to the shops. It’d be like having Deliveroo for EVERYTHING.


10. They’ve got the guilts.

Well, Chrissy has the guilts… not all celebrities are made equal.


Christmas shopping and grocery shopping are the single two most annoying chores. Fact.


12. They don’t fly with us plebs.

So THIS is how they always manage to look so damn good when they are at the airport. (I mean, that and the first class ride and all.)


13. They ride the perks.

Look, we’d be saying this all in one go too.


14. Their kids get special attention.

Calling all humans with small humans. Imagine not being terrified about flying with your child. IMAGINE?


15. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

To be honest, 15 questions in and we’re starting to get the vibe that being a celebrity is pretty damn isolating.

What would you like to know about A-list celebrity life? Let us know in the comments below.