A photo booth and a viral TikTok: Why everyone's talking about Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have gone viral after a video showed them booting two fans out of a photo booth. 

The couple, who attended the Sports Illustrated 60th Anniversary Party this month, were labelled as "rude" and "entitled" when model and content creator Winta Zesu uploaded a clip of the incident to her combined Instagram and TikTok following of over 600,000. 

Watch the full moment unfold here. Post continues after video. 

Video via Instagram @wintazesu.

ICYMI, the full clip shows Zesu and her sisterVicky posing in a photo booth supplied at the event. After a few snaps, Legend steps in and tells the women he and his wife are going to "sneak in" to the booth to snap their own pics — essentially telling the ladies to leave. 

The moment became incredibly awkward when the Legend and Teigen proceeded to stand behind Zesu who was trying to collect her snapshots. What the couple probably didn't realise was that the camera picked up every one of their facial expressions which ranged from impatient and uncomfortable, to irritated and exasperated. 

At one point, Legend tries to kiss his wife before she pushes him away.

While Zesu deleted the video from her TikTok - where she wrote "we waited 30 minutes to get pics" - it remains on her Instagram, alongside a photo of her with Legend, who in his defence was clearly happy to pose for a pic.  


The video has been shared thousands of times, including on X (formerly Twitter), where one person urged the girls to stand up for themselves. 

"Stick up for yourselves, ladies. Celebrities are no better than you," the comment read. 

Another said, "I would have unplugged the damn [photo booth] while they were in it."

A third labelled the pair "divas".

It ought to be noted that the Zesu sisters are known for exaggerating content online for views, likes and comments. 

In one viral video, Vicky claimed to be Queen Latifah's daughter. Winta also has her own series online where she pretends to get kicked out of restaurants for absurd behaviour. 

Plus, we have no idea how long the girls kept Legend and Teigen waiting while they created content for their heavily curated platforms. 

Either way, there's a pretty simple lesson in all of this... wait your turn, hurry the heck up and/or in the future, mind your business. 

Feature Image: Instagram @wintazesu.

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