Kim Kardashian has shared how (and why) she chose to have a girl for baby number three.

Much has been said about Chicago West, the third child of Kim Kardashian shares with her husband, rapper Kanye West.

The first of three babies to join the biggest family of reality television this year, Chicago was born via gestational carrier on January 15.

In the past few months, the world has cooed over Chi’s debut on Snapchat, gasped at the extravagant gifts she’s received from her celebrity friends, and even felt for Kim as she described how hard it was, after being pregnant twice before, to watch another woman carry her child to term.

Baby Chicago

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But there is one question that people are still asking, and Kim is ready for it: just how much choice did Kim and Kanye have over the sex of their future baby?

In a new interview with ELLE Magazine‘s April issue, the 37-year-old said the choice was a “really tricky thing” and admitted she asked herself which sex she would prefer.

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In the end, the couple chose to go with option that would give their future child the best chance.

“I just said, ‘Which one is the healthiest? Pick the healthiest one,’ and that was a girl,” she said.

On an episode of Keeping With The Kardashians, Kim had already admitted that she and Kanye had already lived through the experience of implanting an embryo and having it not take.

The couple had just one remaining healthy embryo left to implant into their chosen surrogate.

Despite admitting she “hated” being pregnant, Kim told ELLE that watching someone else do something she “wished I could have done on my own” was difficult.

“The control is hard at the beginning. Once you let that go, it’s the best experience,” she said.

“I would recommend surrogacy for anybody.”

Kim had just two requests for her gestational carrier: that baby Chicago be born in Los Angeles, and that the doctor Kim used for her two other children would be on hand.


While Kim said her surrogate chose to eat “as organically as possible”, she wasn’t overly concerned about her carrier’s diet.

“I straight-up told her, ‘Look, I ate doughnuts every single day. If you want doughnuts and ice cream, go for it. Do whatever you feel. I’m not going to be picky like that. That’s just ridiculous’,” she said.


Despite the fact baby Chicago is barely two months old, Kim is already being asked about whether their family will continue to grow.

While admitting her “home and heart feel really full right now”, she said four children would be her absolute max.

“I don’t think I could handle more than that. My time is spread really thin,” she said.

“And I think it’s important that in all couples, the mum gives the husband as much attention as the kids.”

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