Celeb in 5: Sunday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The Bachelorette’s Charlie on the “two hour” conversation we didn’t see.

On The Bachelorette this week, Charlie was shown the damn door.

Everyone was… relieved, since the contestant appeared to be gaslighting Ali for the entire season.

After what appeared to be a short, but explosive fight, in which Charlie repeatedly told Ali that she should A) Trust his instincts more than her own and B) Choose him and send the others home immediately, she hit breaking point.

It all seemed… rushed. And now we know why.

Charlie has told Fitzy and Wippa that the scene actually took two whole hours to film.

“It actually took about two and half hours to film that exit scene,” he said on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning.

“We went backwards and forwards over and over again. At the end I was like, ‘You’re just not getting what I’m trying to say to you.’ I kept repeating myself. It was just me and I her,” he added.

“It was a really, really awkward situation because I just don’t think she liked what I was saying to her. It didn’t suit what she wanted and she was trying to get me to change that,” he said.

It kind of (a lot) sounds like he doesn’t understand that mansplaining a woman’s emotions to her isn’t a good idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Guy Sebastian says his days on X Factor were “torture”.

Guy Sebastian has admitted his time as a judge on The X Factor Australia for five seasons was “torture”.

Speaking to KIIS FM’s Jackie O about what it’s like to sit through auditions as a judge, Sebastian had a lot of feelings.

The X Factor ones are just torture, literally. They (producers) tell us they do this, they’ll jam in 25 rubbish singers so that when they air this really good one, our reaction …” he said.

“By the time someone else (sings), you’ve forgotten what’s good, you just hate music,” he added, and oh. That makes sense actually.

Luckily, Sebastian might have an out on the way, with rumours the Angels Brought Me Here singer could be a coach on The Voice.

“I’ve been out of TV for a few years now and I love doing TV, it’s a really fun gig. But I would definitely be up for it if I could balance it. I’ve just released this single (Before I Go), so if I can somehow balance the touring and all that,” the 37-year-old said.

Excuse us while we practise our karaoke for you, Guy.



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3. Why the Spice Girls didn’t ask Posh to be part of the reunion tour.

It’s of our very valid opinion that if the latest Spice Girls reunion tour announcement hasn’t left you with a dangerous case of spice fever you are living your life wrong.

Please tell us you’ve revelled in a few Spice Girls throwbacks over the weekend or promptly put Wannabe on now.


While it’s all very exciting news, we haven’t been able to stop speculating over why Victoria Beckham isn’t fishing her platform boots out of the back of her very extensive walk-in robe for the shows next year.

Many believe she’s busy with work commitments, as the original statement read, but it has also been suggested that she turned down the tour due to her crippling stage fright which left her in a panicked state before the band’s surprise 2012 Olympic performance.


The latest juicy development is that she actually wasn’t invited.

Four out of the five-piece original crew; Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm told UK chat show host Jonathan Ross they knew the fashion designer wouldn’t have agreed to a reunion, so they didn’t bother asking, The Sun reports.


Mel C explained: “Do you know what is actually quite funny… I saw Victoria recently and obviously we’ve all been in contact, she is still very much a part of the Spice Girls, she really supports us and we really support her. But she did raise the point that she was never actually asked. We just presumed.”

Then Geri weighed in: “I spoke to her two days ago, before the announcement and she has said it for years that she just doesn’t want to do it anymore, so we knew that.

“She just didn’t want to do it… She was busy with her fashion and she has moved on. The philosophy of us lot is that we are a band, on and off the stage and we care for each other, we support each other and we support her and she has been a huge part of our lives and we care about her so it’s all good.”


4. Taite’s hint that he doesn’t win The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette is coming dangerously close to an end which is making us feel things.

On one hand, we’ll finally know whether it’s worth continuing our crush on Todd or not, but on the other, our Wednesday and Thursday nights will be dark, Osher-less holes.


One thing’s for sure: we think it’s goddamn rude that we don’t have the foggiest idea who actually wins Ali’s heart.

Usually by now we’ve seen at least a few spoilers pointing to the winner but NOPE, Ali and the other contestants (apart from Charlie) have been way too good at keeping things under wraps.

Curse them and their Channel 10 loyalty.

The latest very subtle hint that Melbourne bank manager Taite doesn’t win Ali’s heart, is within a clip he shared on his Instagram, that he’s since deleted.

Very suspicious.


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As reported by the Daily Mail, the 28-year-old front runner posted a clip of him having a tense conversation with Ali in which he tells her “I want you to be happy… because you deserve the best”.

Both appear emotional during the conversation, suggesting that maybe… he goes home sooner than we think.

This week, Taite will battle it out with Bill Goldsmith, 31, and fan favourite Todd King, 26.


The finale preview does tease a twist which sees the fitness trainer breakdown in tears… so we really hope it’s not another Honey Badger situation.

Our hearts can’t handle it.

5. Three of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s staff have quit since the wedding, and there’s only one explanation.

Three royal staffers have quit in the past six months since the royal wedding and people have started speculating as to why.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that one of Meghan Markle‘s personal assistants quit after just six months on the job. The staff member – identified only as Melissa – played a major role in speaking to press in the lead up to the royal wedding.

“It’s a real shock… Why would she want to leave such a prestigious job so soon?” a source said.

meghan harry first date
Why doesn't anyone wanna work with you guys?

The reports follow rumours that Meghan and Harry‘s private secretary Samantha Cohen would be stepping down just months after replacing Edward Lane Fox in the role earlier this year.

There’s a very obvious reason all these people are quitting.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry… are terrible people.

Perhaps even… divas.

Read on about their diva-like ways in the full story here.