'This new $18 product has just replaced my favourite multi-purpose balm.'

If you're a girl with dry skin, chances are you and La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5+ are friends. Really good friends.

Over the past few years the product has catapulted itself into cult status, with beauty editors and experts raving about it on repeat, prising it for it's ability to nourish and protect a damaged skin barrier, making it a staple in everyone's skincare cabinet.

I should know — people are sick of me recommending the stuff. But it's good! Gosh, it's a great product. A favourite for good reason.

Watch: Speaking of things I put on my face, remember when I tried lube on my skin? To see if it worked as good as primer? I do. Post continues below.

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Cicaplast Baume and I have been in a TIGHT relationship over the years. A dermatologist recommended it to me many moons ago, back when I did a serious number on my skin. Since then, I've never looked back. 

Over the years, it's brought my skin through some pretty hairy times and has remained part of my select team of 'all the time' products I turn to when my beauty editor skin needs a break. 

For this reason, I am a La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume addict. I have about five tubes floating around at once because it's that good (I also love the mask and the serum version). It's one of those staples I can always rely on.


Whenever my skin is feeling dry, irritated and uncomfy, I pop it this on at night (she’s thicc) and it just gives it a big swift kick of hydration, for smooth, plump and happy skin come morning. The BEST.

But you guys. What if I were to tell you I've been... seeing someone else?

In fact, on a recent trip to Peru (where I copped 32 hours of travel), I actually — *gasp* — swapped out my favourite Cicaplast Baume for this new kid. 

It's called CeraVe Advanced Repair Balm.

And look, it might just be my favourite new product for dry skin. Which is kind of a (really big) blessing seeing as Australia is about to hit winter.

Intrigued? Scared? Clinging to your little blue and white tube in denial? 

Let's get into it.

What is CeraVe Advanced Repair Balm?

In case you haven't seen it slinking around the (very crowded) streets of beauty TikTok, CeraVe Repair Balm is one of those mythical, unicorn-like products that has been getting around the US for yonks, and it's only just landed in Australia and New Zealand.

In case you haven't met yet, here's what it looks like:

Me with my new pal on a 7.5 hour bus ride in Peru x


In terms of what it... is... this blue tube contains occlusive ingredients (those that prevent moisture loss) like petroleum, which creates a physical barrier on top of your skin and helps accelerate the skin's natural repair process. As with most CeraVe products, it also features three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid for a lovely sandwich of hydration and protection.

It's like a silky, less-sticky version of Vaseline (another one of my faves) that has a thinner consistency but still feels like it's 'doing something'. You know?

Here's the texture!


It's suitable for face, body, lips, hands, elbows, knees, feet, heels — the whole show — and can be used morning and night. You can grab it in supermarkets or the chemist in 50ml and 88ml sizes (you can grab the 50ml for $17.99 or on sale for $14.99 at Chemist Warehouse).

How did you go with it?

Good! Really good. Since I snagged a tube after the recent Australian launch, I've been CeraVe Repair Balm over my serums and moisturisers on the regular and can honestly say — my skin has never looked better. 

As I mentioned before, I recently took it with me on my trip to Peru and slathered it over my thirsty, dehydrated skin while I was on the plane for what felt like 84 years. I was sitting in between two large men who forgot I needed arm or leg room, so while I couldn't find the energy to do a full skincare/face masking session with zero space, I did apply this balm on my skin throughout the flight and found my face was just way happier for it. 


I usually get off flights with angry, rough skin that takes a while to repair, but for once everything seemed smooth, happy and not the slightest bit irritated. 

Plane travel aside, I also brought it with me... everywhere. In fact, it sat snuggly beside my passport, strapped across my body, during the whole trip.

I used it on my dry lips, elbows, flaky patches of skin on my legs and body. I also discovered that it's the perfect product to use in the evening for slugging (as I said, after your applying serums and moisturiser), and I guarantee you'll wake up the next morning with smoother, softer and better skin.

I even used it for a quick dewy glow on my cheekbones/high points of my face when we went out for an unexpected dinner and I felt a little blah. It instantly gave my juicy-looking skin that looked all healthy and glowing — a real hardworking balm that takes no days off.

The verdict.

All in all, I loved the results and how it immediately soothed and protected rough and thirsty skin on my face and body. 

For me, this will remain a staple in my skincare cabinet, especially coming up to the chillier weather. In fact, it's already earned a spot in my handbag (pls excuse the Chupa Chups wrapper):

Hey sweetie x


If you're someone who deal with dry skin, eczema or irritated skin — I'd recommend giving it a whirl. If you're someone who has oily or acne-prone skin, this product might not be for you — so just make sure you suss it out with an expert if you're not sure if it's the right product for your skin.

Remember this: Obviously I'm not a dermatologist (fooled you!), so make sure you get some professional advice if you're fighting a particular skin concern, yeah? 

Also: Did you do something to your hair? Looks good.

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Have you tried CeraVe's new Repair Balm yet? Or are you a fan of La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baume? I wanna hear your thoughts! Share them in the comment section below.

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