"I had to wash it off." Caroline Hirons just shared her honest opinion of 4 new celebrity skincare lines.

In case you missed all the buzz (classic you!), Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Travis Barker and Brad Pitt have all recently released skincare brands. 

Yes. Really. 

In the words of my colleague and co-host Leigh Campbell on the You Beauty podcast, "Who will launch a skincare line next... David Attenborough?"

Because if there's one thing the world doesn't need right now, we're pretty certain it's another celebrity beauty brand. 

Anyway, HERE WE ARE.

While the most recent ones all (for the most part) sound like they'd be hitting slightly ~different~ markets, you might be surprised to learn they're not all that different. 

In fact, according to Caroline Hirons, they all share one major thing in common.

But before we get into it, if you're not yet familiar with Hirons, let us do a fancy little introduction – because she's a pretty big deal. 

A qualified aesthetician and skin expert, blogger and author, the 53-year-old is the no-BS queen of skincare who has become one of the most authoritative voices in the industry.

With a devoted following (708k on Instagram, to be exact), her opinion literally has the power to either make or break a product.

So, to say we were keen to hear her views on these new brands would be a massive understatement.

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In a recent Instagram Live, Hirons discussed the launch of these four new celebrity beauty brands, detailing her thoughts on the products and ethos behind each.

While we're all 100 per cent aware that no one needs another celebrity skincare launch, Hirons reminds us that celebrities trying to sell us stuff goes hand-in-hand. It's just what they do. 

Except these days, it's no longer fragrances – it's all about the skincare space.

"The thing is, we can't really say you're not allowed a brand – it's been happening for 250 years."

"Everyone famous has a brand. A tequila, a coffee, a gin, a something – so we can't say 'you're not allowed to do this'. What we can do is shop with our wallets."

Speaking of which, wanna know the one thing these four celebrity designer skincare brands have in common? 

They all *literally* require you to sell your first born.

Because they're all so. damn. stupidly. expensive.

Take Brad Pitt's new range, Le Domaine

His anti-ageing serum costs $385 USD, which converts to around $590 AUD. 



The refill price of Le Domaine products sit between $170 and $530.

With Stella, for example, the premium price tags start at around $82 AUD for the cleanser, with its refill option being $63 AUD. Her Alter-Care Serum will set you back a whopping $182.

Then you have Kate Moss' range, Cosmoss. The price of her CBD collagen drops converts to $174 AUD.

All of Travis Barker's products from his range Barker Wellness Co. follow the same suit on the price front, with his eye serum costing $115USD ($200AUD). For an eye serum. 

"I'm sure Travis Barker's skincare is very nice. Is it $115 nice? I couldn't possibly say – I have my guesses. I'm sure it will be really popular with wealthy people in California," said Hirons.

We... need to sit down.


So, why are these new celebrity brands so pricey? Are they actually premium offerings? Full of swanky science-backed ingredients?

According to Hirons, you're simply buying a name.


"The Stella McCartney and Kate Moss' ranges were revealed really close together, and I was invited to the launches but I didn't go because I was busy being a nana."

"I looked at both on them on the website before I saw them in the flesh. All I can tell you is that I have concerns," Hirons told her followers.

"I'm still finishing the Stella review – and the Kate review will be even easier to do to be honest, because that is, again, like a Kardashian lifestyle."

Hirons then goes on to give her followers an overview of her honest thoughts Stella McCartney's brand Stella. And goodness, it's JUICY.

"My beef with the Stella range is that it's done in a way that's very, 'Stella's come to fix the beauty industry' and 'Stella's come to fix the skincare industry'."

"The comments on the website gave me a bit of rage. One of them [from Stella McCartney] said, 'I was raised to see things from a different perspective'."

"It just reads to me like superiority. It was very, 'I'm coming to save you all'," said Hirons.


In case you're not across Stella McCartney's new brand, it's very much centred around elevating 'clean' beauty, touting sustainable and refillable packaging, as well as being made with "at least 99 per cent natural-origin ingredients".

For Hirons, this is the crux of the issue.

"My first comment was, if you're so concerned about sustainability – then don't bring out a brand. Because it is not possible to bring out a brand and not leave a footprint on the earth, right?"

"I was coming in gunning for her – positively. I wasn't coming at it the way I'd be coming at, like, Brad Pitt – f**k off, Brad. And then I started to read [into] it." 

"The products aren't bad, but it gives the wrong impression."

Hirons goes on to say McCartney's messaging and claims are unclear and confusing – particularly now that most brands are moving away from calling themselves 'clean'.

"Saying something is of natural origin, doesn't mean it's natural now. It's had to go through a chemical process to be able to be used in your products. So, heads up: it's a chemical," said Hirons.

Hirons then goes on to assess Kate Moss' new range, Cosmoss.

"If you thought, the claims with Stella were a stretch..." she told her followers.

Cosmoss is a six-piece collection, which features a line-up of beauty and self-care products, including teas, a facial oil, perfumes and a moisturiser.

Speaking of the CBD facial oil, Hirons said, "I had to wash it off because it gave me a headache".



She goes on to say, "Everyone has the right to release whatever they want. I'm not the product police. If you want to release a brand, release a brand!" 

"But do not buy Cosmoss if you think it's going to make you look like Kate Moss or have her nice life. Do not buy Stella if you want something targeted for a skin condition. It's skincare for people with very healthy skin and a lot of money."

"Just make sure that you are buying the skincare and not buying into the lifestyle – you'll know this if you saw my review of Kim Kardashian's SKYNN. I basically said you're buying a lifestyle – into thinking you're buying skincare that is going to change your face."

"There's one thing that they all have in common – Stella, Kate, Travis and Brad – they're all sold to a certain clientele in California."

"But for the love of sanity, do not make claims that you cannot back up. Can you please not act like the Lord has sent you to save the beauty industry? Good luck to you, but don't lie to people." 

Hear, hear.

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Feature image: Instagram/@carolinehirons.

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