I can’t stop thinking about... what Cameron Diaz keeps in her fridge.

Cameron Diaz has shared the contents of her fridge with her Instagram followers and I am gooped in every sense of the word.

For a promotion with Gwyneth's Paltrow's Goop Kitchen launching a new summer salad, Cameron Diaz opened her fridge to reveal a selection of pre-packaged salad and white wine... and only pre-packaged salad and white wine. 

The quick fridge shot was like something out of a Saturday Night Live sketch. I can't stop thinking about this fridge.

Watch the moment Cameron Diaz opens her fridge. Post continues after video. 

Video via Instagram/camerondiaz

The My Best Friend's Wedding actress was flooded with comments falling into two camps: people laughing at the choice of fridge items, and those criticising the plastic containers. "Utterly ridiculous! Make a salad yourself, perhaps. Use less plastic," one user wrote on Instagram. 

I'm not going to touch on the sustainability issues, but I have some other thoughts. These thoughts have no order or structure, I just have a lot of feelings.

How is there no milk of any sort? I presume Cameron Diaz is an oat latte type of gal, yet there's nothing, nada. Does she drink her coffee black? Does she eat her cereal dry? Does she not value joy in this short life?

Okay on to little treats: where are the little treats? I can't get by 30 minutes working from home without slinking to the fridge to treat myself for working for the last 30 minutes. Some might suggest that wine is a treat, and those people are loose units for suggesting I sip on savvy B while I work. 


Little treats include but are not limited to: Tim Tams, Mint Slices, any rogue choccy blocks, and random bakery goods from the weekend like a caramel slice that is probably past its use-by-date.

Moving on from that, I wonder if one would lose their mind if they ate the same salad for three meals a day. Since Cammy-D doesn't own milk, I presume she probably doesn't eat her cereal dry like some college bro who just got dumped. This means she doesn't eat any breakfast food other than... these salads. 

And then after breakfast, lunch? SALAD. Dinner? SALAD? 

Quick! Have a cheeky listen to this Cancelled episode about Bella Hadid. Post continues after podcast.

If you were wondering what's in the magic salad, it's made of gem lettuce, mango slaw, snow peas, carrots, cucumbers, fresh herbs, avocado slices, puffed rice, candied cashews, and Goop's cashew vinaigrette.

It sounds decent but a plastic bowl of Goop salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner – this is a life not worth living. Sure, you've got a nice glass of white to wash down the nutrients, but I'd rather have a variety of day foods. 

Back to the video, this is of course a promotional video for Goop Kitchen, and in a following video Cameron promoted AVALINE, a wine brand that she co-owns. 

Therefore, the random fridge stacked with salad and wine was an intentional ploy to sell the brands she works with. And you know what? I bought it hook, line and sinker!

Whether Cameron has a whole other fridge filled with normal foods or not, I like to think she keeps her wine and salad fridge too. 

Gwyneth would be very proud. 

Feature image: Getty + Instagram/CameronDiaz + Mamamia.

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