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kyliewylie February 4, 2024

Sarah, thank you for writing this. The passing of your Orla Rose is a tragedy but now she will be immortal to more than those who knew her because of this amazing article. Sending you the warmest hugs.

kyliewylie January 31, 2024

Do you think you can genuinely judge something without reviewing all possible data available to make your decision? Academy Awards judges seem to think that they don't have to. They don't have to see all the films, nor even prove that they've seen them. It's a flawed system that means less and less to me as time goes on. If you don't want to see a film, that means you're not interested in it, so you aren't even able to have your opinion changed by having to watch it.

kyliewylie October 25, 2023

While I respect the perspective, I had the annoying voice of Elizabeth Bennet's mother in my head while reading this.

kyliewylie October 10, 2023

I think there's a difference between your skin looking the best it can be and letting it interrupt our lives and thoughts. Is this where the women's liberation movement has really led us? Honestly. We all just need to let it go. I've just read about the too-soon passing of Cal Wilson. That's real life. And men, when they  free their minds, they end up thinking about the Roman Empire. Who knows where ours might go.  

kyliewylie October 1, 2023

“(C)ouldn't believe how much it hurt…” - what like childbirth ? 

kyliewylie August 23, 2023

It's always times like this that I wished I knew one of the clever and talented people that work on Play School. You know - the ones who could make nearly anything with corrugated cardboard and paddlepop sticks. Had my last primary school book parade today. Am relieved beyond measure.

kyliewylie August 1, 2023

Who else looked at these pictures with Nancy Meyers movie music playing in their head?

kyliewylie June 15, 2023

In a mystery just like the riddle of the Pyramids, where, oh where, is her tomato sauce? !!

kyliewylie May 15, 2023

As with most things in the US, they change the name, spelling or numbering to suit themselves.    ** Let me be clear, a US size 0 is actually a size 4 in Australia & the UK. **  

kyliewylie March 20, 2023

Reading this in the office at lunch and nearly spat out my drink onto the monitor! The photo or Holly with her BF GP is HILARIOUS! 

I can't stop looking at the photo of Gwyneth doing the interview. She doesn't exactly look healthy and aglow to me, and her hair has flyaways, looks dull, drab and needs a good cut.  I'm sorry but she does not look good for 50. She doesn't look good for any age. I'm 51 and my hair and skin look better than that for a bazillion less dollars and time. We need to stop holding people up that don't deserve our time or attention. Speaking of time, is there any genuine time left for living or family in the life she wants us to think she lives?

kyliewylie March 14, 2023

@simple simon THIS!! I was still at my wedding reception when I was asked when we were having a baby. I told the person to shut up and then walked away. I had had enough. So then in my speech I actually told everyone what had happened and that it's not funny and to just stop. They'll know when they know. And if they don't, there is nothing to tell.  (Ahhhhhhh)

kyliewylie March 13, 2023

Maybe the interview was exacerbated by the fact that the person Hugh had to stand near had forgotten the rest of their dress? What might be farshun on one carpet might not be farshun to others who already had long-standing issues with the media and their lack of propriety. Look how uncomfortable he looks.

kyliewylie March 12, 2023

Great article, Kate. My tip as a reply (for any situation where you think someone says something that is incongruous) is to ask, "Are you ok?" or "What do you mean?" No matter what their reply is, then go on to say, "You seemed surprised when I said I was a model" or "I don't understand what you meant by that." And then watch them squirm when, hopefully, their sense of being in an uncomfortable position kicks in and they try to back themselves out of it. I then passively-aggressively smile and put their reply back on them and tell them that it is a surprising attitude in the modern world we live in. [Trust me, gets 'em every time]

kyliewylie March 5, 2023

I'm not happy this has happened to him - or anyone - but it's interesting to see when the participants are interesting enough that there can be backlash also on a man. In a society where sex so freely occurs, why can't some people let it go? Look at what Candice Warner has had to endure, yet the other concentual participant is either forgotten or applauded.

kyliewylie December 15, 2022

I can't help but wonder if the Palace telling Meghan to write a letter to her father was a set up? Did the Palace tell a news outlet that a letter was going to arrive to her father?

kyliewylie September 8, 2022

Respectfully, it's not 'Operation London Bridge'. That was only if she died in London. Because she died at Balmoral, it's called 'Operation Unicorn'.

kyliewylie August 22, 2022

I’m no bo for ever. And it’s also because I want my daughter to see me be me, knowing that I say any wrinkles or lines are partly from all the laughing and talking I’ve done to live my life. 

kyliewylie August 16, 2022

The level of the communal kitchen table is at the TOP of the chair back. So, when you sit, your chin would be level with the table top... Have a look at what level your own dining room table and chairs, or even desk and chair are. It's not this. This office is a metaphor for the whole family: might initially look nice but is not fit-for-purpose in the real world.

kyliewylie August 3, 2022

So 30 hours of funding a week. For those in paid employment or study of 38+ hours a week plus travel, what happens to the children after 30 hours? Can they stay and you pay for before and after care like would have happened at school? 

And what about the children that are more than ready to go before that? I get that one-size doesn't fit all, but this is not going to work either.

kyliewylie July 21, 2022

Definitely need a foundation-type product made for mature skin. Powder eyeshadows make eyes look crepey, wrinkled and older than they are. I love Rageism Beauty for makeup. It’s so good for ‘baggier’ skin.