Cadbury informed us we're saying 'Creme Egg' wrong and we outright refused to accept this.

There are only two things on this planet I love more than Nutella: my dog and Cadbury Creme Eggs.

The obsession started young. I have a memory of demanding politely requesting the Easter Bunny only bring me Creme Eggs one year. When I discovered some mini Crunchie eggs had made their way into in the mix I was not a happy camper.

I buy bundles of the deliciously creamy, way-too-sweet-to-be-consumed-on-a-regular-basis treats every year. I will fight tooth and nail for the last tub of Creme Egg ice cream. I know all the recipes. I will happily debate for hours with anyone who dares to suggest Creme Eggs are “the worst”.

Cadbury Creme Egg

I consider myself an expert. Or at least, I did, until the company behind the chocolate treat declared I'd been pronouncing the name wrong THIS ENTIRE TIME.

It started out innocently enough: a Twitter user asked the UK arm of the company how exactly the word 'creme' was meant to be pronounced.

"Obviously, it's CREAM. Rhymes with scream. And team. And sunbeam," the world scoffed because honestly who doesn't know that?

But... Cadbury was having precisely none of our confidence and boldly declared it was actually meant to be pronounced 'crem'.

Cadbury Creme Egg pronunciation.

Creme, as in rhymes with what possessed THEM to make such a horrifying statement?!

It was then the world descended into complete and utter chaos:



But luckily, the company quickly realised it had made a terrible mistake (especially after multiple fans pointed out that the treat had clearly been pronounced as "CREAM" in a number of advertisements) and corrected their error:

And just like that, all is right again in the world. Although one social media intern may or may not be out of a job...

Now, who's free to go and grab up some eggs from the shops...?