Grab a spoon: Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream is now a delicious thing that exists.

Your favourite Easter treat just got even more tasty.

Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream is a delicious thing that exists and we must have it now.

Image: Cadbury

Yes, call a friend to help you out - or don't and enjoy the tub to yourself. We won't judge.

The creamy chocolate and vanilla ice cream is packed full of milk chocolate chips and creme egg flavoured sauce for the perfect hot weather treat.

And Cadbury have confirmed rumours that the newly created flavour would only be available in rural supermarkets are codswallop - you'll be able to pick up this lil tub of joy at any Coles or Woolies across Australia.

A tub will set you back $6.99 but get in quick - this bad boy is strictly limited edition.

It's welcome news for the admins of the "We Need Creme Egg Ice Cream" who have been pushing for the cause since 2015.

We raise our spoons.