"It's finally time for me to talk about my extreme Nutella addiction."

I can remember the exact moment my Nutella addiction began.

It was 2011, I was on a trip to Thailand with two of my friends from uni, and I’d just battled through the roughest patch of anxiety I had ever had in my life.

I’d lost seven kilos and was incredibly self-conscious about how I looked and was looking for something, anything, to cheer me up.

Enter: a small jar of Nutella found on a Phuket supermarket shelf.

nutella jess thailand
The face of someone who just fell in love...with Nutella. Image: Supplied

I was never much of a Nutella kid - I occasionally took a single-serve foil pack of Nutella to school to have as a recess snack, but that was it. I don't remember jars of Nutella ever making it to 'pantry staple' level growing up.

It wasn't until I was 21 that carrying a jar of the delicious, hazelnut spread became a regular, every day occurrence.

I've tried to quit many, many times. But three or four days in, I think, 'This isn't hurting anyone!' and off to the local shops I trot to buy a jar (or three).


The only thing I missed during the two weeks I attempted to 'quit sugar' was my daily scoop of the good stuff. Nutella quickly made it's way back into my life when I decided being happy was way more important than denying myself some chocolatey goodness.

These days, a jar sits on my nightstand for occasions when I: a) come home drunk and need a quick snack before nodding off to sleep, b) get hungry at 3am or c) can't be bothered getting out of bed for breakfast in the morning.

(Or...all of the above.)

nutella jess
Yes, I dream about Nutella. So what? Image: Supplied

A jar comes with me in my handbag in case I get stuck in traffic on the way home from work and need a snack, have had a stressful meeting or just need a quick pick-me-up during my day.

It's there in case I need to run into the bathroom three minutes before I need to interview Chris Hemsworth for a quick scoop (true story).

The Nutella addiction extends far beyond just eating it. If you've seen a Nutella meme, I guarantee you I've been tagged in it. By at least twelve people.

nutella meme
Seen it, been tagged in it, quoted it.

If there's a Nutella-themed news story floating around the net, you bet your bottom dollar I will find it and I will put my hand up to write it. (And possibly shame anyone who uses it for anything other than food-related things).

My favourite Christmas present last year (sorry, everyone else) was a personalised jar of Nutella. I held it in the air and screamed 'YES' when I finally unwrapped it.

It's a joke among friends that I always have Nutella with me. Those meeting me for the first or second time don't quite understand, until I slowly reveal the contents of my handbag and sure enough, my trusty, half-full tub is nestled in amongst tampons, lip gloss and keys.

This girl's love for Nutella runs deep.

I know what you're thinking. Surely, surely this can't be good for me.'re probably right.

But I probably won't stop until I bleed hazelnut spread. Until then, it's more happy scooping for me.