Why does Brooklyn Beckham want us to think he’s in a throuple? A very serious investigation.

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham is a man of many talents.

He released a photography book titled What I See which included a blurry photo of the darkened shape of an elephant which he captioned "so hard to photograph". 

He is an acclaimed celebrity chef, revered for such groundbreaking recipes as a 'breakfast sandwich' which featured bacon, sausage and egg. 

And most impressive of all, he was formed from David and Victoria Beckham's DNA. Such talent.

Is Brooklyn Beckham cancelled? Post continues below. 

Video via Mamamia. 

Most recently, Brooklyn has embraced life as a married man: he famously got hitched to fellow nepo baby Nicola Peltz Beckham in 2022. 

But being in a couple is apparently pretty boring for Brooklyn who now appears to be in a throuple with *checks notes* Selena Gomez.

The 24-year-old shared a photo of the three of them together which he captioned "Our anniversary."

Do you take thee throuple? Image: Instagram/@brooklynpeltzbeckham.


Now if you're wondering if Brooklyn is referring to his wedding anniversary with Nicola here, you would be wrong. They got married in April 2022. 

The couple also met in April in 2017 so the anniversary mentioned isn't referencing the couple's first encounter either.

Nope. He must be talking about the threesome's anniversary. The timeline does almost check out as this time last year, Selena joined Brooklyn and Nicola for Thanksgiving where the singer made her first appearance on Brooklyn's Instagram.


And this is not the first time the term throuple had been thrown around. In January, Selena shared a series of holiday snaps on a yacht with the wedded pair, which she captioned "Fine calls us a throuple," and added a "forever plus one" hashtag.

The photos were... a lot. 

Throuples who yacht together stay together. Image: Instagram/@selenagomez.

When Selena sang "I'm a date who I wanna," in 'Single Soon', I like to think she was specifically talking about this. 


They are throuple, hear them roar! 

'Just the three of us, you and I... and you too Selena.' Instagram/@selenagomez.

Now let's go back to that original post from Brooklyn.

Along with the pic with Nicola and Selena, there are some other photos we also need to discuss. 


There's this 'anniversary' photo which features only Brooklyn, with his wife standing almost completely out of the shot as he smirks at his left shoulder.

'Can you get out of my shot, babe?' Instagram/@brooklynpeltzbeckham.

In another photo, Nicole stares steely-eyed at the camera as Brooklyn leans in and smells her right eye. 

*Sniff sniff* Instagram/@brooklynpeltzbeckham.


So are the three in an actual throuple in the romantic sense? Look, not likely.  

But Brooklyn definitely wants us to think they are. 

Whether he's behind the lens or in front of it, Brooklyn remains the master of his craft. And with Selena and Nicola by his side (figuratively and literally), this man is unstoppable. 

Feature image: Instagram/@brooklynpeltzbeckham. 

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