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jayroy January 30, 2024

I think MP Purcell is awesome. Good on her for being an actual role model rather than just a "influencer", to highlight the BS women are subjected to every single day. The more the bad behaviour gets called out the more younger generations will realise they don't have to put up with it and that its not okay. Channel nine should be ashamed of themselves for blatantly lying, but then that would mean they would have to take responsibility for their less than credible actions and fondness for sensationalism rather than actual journalism.

jayroy December 10, 2023

@sj. That's gold! thank you :)

I was really hoping for a second photo book tho...

jayroy October 15, 2023

@louiseb 100% agree! 

jayroy September 14, 2023

This woman is disgusting. May she never have to "bear responsibility" for her own rape. I understand what she is trying to say, but she could do it without being a lap dog for unbridled misogyny.

Her questions are tricks designed to put people on the spot so she can spring them with her preplanned answers which is not proof that she is right just because they don't answer her straight away.
Want women billionaires? Gina Rinehart springs to mind.
Want people that build our infrastructure? Go onto any civil engineering site such as new freeways or train stations or even mine sites and go and see how many female engineers there are.
Making poor choices with men - why is it okay for the guys to be toxic but the women are dumb for choosing them, that is THE WORST argument I have ever heard!!How has she even managed to get this far in this cancel culture we live in, how is this remotely okay? I feel dirty and dumber for having wasted two minutes of my life listening to this complete and utter trash.

jayroy September 13, 2023

I have visuals of his primary school artwork, you know, painted pasta and hand prints with X Æ A-Xii written on it...poor kid, its just cruel.

jayroy August 21, 2023

"Get a job"....true that!! Although I must admit I would not have set foot into a Sephora or Mecca store if it wasn't for my 12 year old, god bless her.

I would never have discovered just how truly moisturising the Drunk Elephant cream that squeezes out of its jar is if she hadn't accidently got a little gung ho and I ended up with not only my face but also my hands and arms receiving a some excess love, it really is nice stuff.
While she spritzs around her Sol De Janerio, she coos at me "go on Mum, buy that Dior mascara you like. You deserve it and it looks amazing on you!" Who am I to resist such cajoling? It just makes me feel mean when I tell her she can't buy the Charlotte Tilbury anything, yet.

jayroy July 16, 2023

This is a fair point of view and completely valid. Men and boys are generally not given the tools to be able to explore their feelings and how to process their emotions, so many old school limiting beliefs that stand in the way of evolution. 

jayroy July 16, 2023

@anotheruser great answer!! I would be happy to eat this and do, especially if my hubby and kids were away, because it's easy, simple and I get the nutrition I need without the added time or energy required to prepare, cook and clean up after a 'proper' meal. And for the girls who forget to eat when their partner isn't there, THAT is disordered eating which needs addressing more than girl dinner. Not everyone likes enough chilli to kill a dog but most people love party platters, especially niche nibblies for one! The thing I find depressing is EVERYTHING has to be some sort of commentary on misogyny/feminism/social norms and expectations etc etc, is there not enough in this world to feel guilty/crap/awful about? #leavethecheeseandbickiesoutofit

As for grow up? That's quite frankly unneccesary and maybe even a naive point of view, judgemental much?

jayroy July 11, 2023

Do men get asked the same question? Why isn't fatherhood enough? 

Comments like these say more about the commenter than the person they are directed at, I'm sure if this lady was asked if motherhood was enough for her the answer would be more lie (to herself) than truth.

jayroy July 11, 2023

UGH. Does everything have to be about something or mean something or represent something? Sometimes its okay to take the virtue signal hat off and just enjoy it for what it is.