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Brooke Blurton has explained why she probably would never get back with Nick Cummins.

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Last night Brooke Blurton stunned Nick Cummins – and most of Australia – when she left the Bachelor mansion citing the 30-year-old’s inability to share his feelings.

But with their connection seeming so strong throughout the series, we couldn’t help but wonder if the 23-year-old social worker has ever regretted her decision.

Brooke told TV Week that she did initially ask herself “what if?” – but later “moved on”.

“You know, you think ‘what if I stayed? What if I was the girl at the end?’ But I had to think about what I wanted and what he was giving me back,” she told the magazine.

So ‘what if’ the rugby star and his chosen girl didn’t work out?

Well, while Brooke hasn’t completely ruled out a reunion, she was very firm with the Daily Telegraph’s Confidential that she wouldn’t interfere with his relationships, adding that she’s stayed clear since her exit.

Brooke was in tears before she left Nick Cummins. Image: Ten.

"I haven’t spoken to him since the show," she told the Sydney newspaper.

"I obviously went as the third girl. There were still two girls there and I respect that he has chosen one and I respect that girl, so I wouldn't go there."

And she told TV Week she won't be holding a candle for Nick.

"I'm the type of person that once the ship has sailed, it's sailed," she said.

"But I think down the line, if we were to meet again in the outside world, who knows what would happen."

As for the question in everyone's minds the moment a fan favourite leaves franchise, Brooke also hasn't ruled out becoming the next Bachelorette.

"There are things that are a priority for me at the moment," she told TV Week. "But who knows. I'm not one to say no to an opportunity but there would be some things I'd need to consider first."

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