Does your hair break around your hairline? Here's why it happens and how to repair it.

If you're reading this, we assume you deal with broken hair around your hairline. Ugh, same.

While it's not something that everyone experiences, there are a handful of us who battle with the hairs around our hairline repeatedly snapping, despite our best efforts.

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But why these hairs? Why just the baby ones?

"This area of hair is the thinnest area of hair on the head, so it is already weaker than the rest of the head hair," Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost told Mamamia.

Makes sense, no?

To learn more about these pesky little buggers, what causes them and how to repair them, we asked Carolyn a few more questions.

What are some causes of breakage around the hairline? 

"Normal hair styling, colouring and straightening" are the usual culprits here, according to Carolyn. "As it is at the most visual part of the head hair, it tends to be more processed and more styled than everywhere else on the head."

She also explained that there might be a more complex problem at play.

"The front hairline is also where we can get the gradual hair thinning, Androgenetic Alopecia (also called Female and Male Pattern Hair thinning). Plus, we can also have diffuse hair thinning which is a general hair thinning, or Telogen Effluvium, a type of diffuse hair loss. 

Even though it happens diffusely all over the head, most people will notice it more at the fine hairline as it's very exposed in these naturally thin areas of hair," she said.

OK, so how do we treat these causes?

Carolyn explained that the best way to treat hair snapping is by going easy on the styling products and tools.

"Being gentle with hair styling and processing in these areas is a good place to start," she explained. 

But you may need to see a specialist to determine if it's a growth issue.

"Checking for hair structure problems is a way to confirm if there is a growth problem from either Androgenetic Alopecia or diffuse hair thinning. This is done with the help of a Trichologist with a microscope."


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What can we do to help broken hair at the hairline grow?

As Carolyn explains, the best way to make this hair healthy and help it grow is to be healthy on the inside too. You might also reconsider how you're styling it.

"Good health is really the best way to get healthy hair," she said. "If hair is generally healthy, then maintaining good health, particularly good nutrition such as correct Vitamin D levels, balanced cholesterol and blood sugar, good iron studies and balanced B12 and immunity, all play a big part in general health and wellbeing. Then in turn, you'll have healthy hair, skin and nails. 

"It's good to remember here that hair, skin and nails grow from within the body, so when they represent with a problem, such as breakage on the outside, it a symptom, most of the time, that something is wrong on the inside. Don’t ignore the signs."

If you live a healthy lifestyle and change the way you look after your hair, and it still keeps happening, "there may be a deeper problem with the hair growth most likely at the root of the cause," Carolyn said.

Again, see a specialist to help determine what might be causing your breakage.

Have you fixed your broken hairs along the hairline? Share your secrets with us in the comments below!

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