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'I projectile vomited.' The I’m A Celebrity cast told us the most disgusting things you didn’t see on the show.

If you thought this season's I'm A Celebrity had its share of gross moments on air, imagine what they don't show.

From camp life to the aftermath of the eating challenges, we asked some of this year's celebs to list the grossest parts of living in the jungle that viewers — thankfully! — don't get to see. 

"The eating challenges were the worst thing I've ever done in my life," Brittany Hockley admitted. "I ate chicken intestines covered in membranes and a stinkbug covered in nipples."

Brittany explained that after the eating challenges, err... a lot more goes down (or should we say, comes up) which doesn't make the episodes.

"They cut a lot of it out, but I vomited. I was projectile vomiting and heaving immediately into a bucket. My body physically couldn't keep it in... and then it repeats on you for the next 24 hours." Ooft, no thanks!

Tristan MacManus and Skye Wheatley during an eating challenge. Image: Ten. 


The toilet situation is just as grim as you could imagine with the campers enlisted with extracting the contents of their shared long drop toilet as part of their daily tasks.

"When we have to change the toilet, it smells so bad," winner Skye Wheatley shared. "I don't realise that my urine and everything smells bad but when you have to change it and take it away, you realise you must be eating some bad foods to create that smell. We actually smell really bad."  

You don't say! Along with what's going in and out of our celeb's bodies, the biggest issue they faced was the problem of never — like literally ever — feeling clean.

"You get one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, one t-shirt and one singlet — and each day you are getting absolutely filthy, but your clothes don't [get washed]," Candice Warner told us after her eviction. 

"If you wash them, it takes about two or three days for your clothes to dry, because we don't have a lot of sunlight coming into the camp. So it's just being dirty and quite unhygienic for a lot of the time that can be a bit gross."  

For Britney, she faced the added problem of having to sleep in the rain. 

"My bed was in the rain, I had the only bed that was in the rain... in the mud," Brittany said. "You're just perpetually dirty. You have dirty clothes the entire time... they're never clean." 

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Ellie Cole detailed how the camper's clothes were constantly dirty because of the dust that covered basically everything. 

"I didn't realise how dusty the campsite was where we slept," Ellie said. "There is so much dust and it covers everything. No matter how hard you try to keep your bed, your clothes and yourself clean, then five minutes later, it will just be dirty again."

This proved particularly worrisome for Ellie when she had one of her hands ravaged by rats during a challenge. 

"When my hand was eaten by the rats, I had to keep my wounds' dressing clean for about five or six days — it was almost impossible. I had to put on a cleaning glove just to stop the dust from getting in. It's so filthy, we were filthy all the time."

Ellie also revealed they "had to schedule waterfall visits," so cleaning off for a swim wasn't always as easy as one would imagine.

And getting clean presented another challenge, as this meant celebs had to endure freezing cold showers. After a week, a couple of the campers avoided showering altogether. 

Skye Wheatley wasn't the biggest fan of showering in the jungle. Image: Ten. 


"There's people who go well over a week without having a shower so things like that get a bit icky," Candice said. "I was keeping up my hygiene and washing my clothes and keeping busy. But that was kind of gross."

The two main culprits who weren't fond of showering in the freezing water were winner Skye and Frankie Muniz. 

"I didn't shower. I can't tell you how many showers I had," Skye fessed up.

"From the whole 31 days, I probably had five showers. I'm not exaggerating. I could not comprehend having an ice-cold shower." 

This meant that Skye just accepted her fate as the camp's dirtiest camper, aside from Frankie, of course. 

"It looked like I had a tan but it was just dirt across my face," Skye joked.

And that's our 2024 jungle queen, folks. Never change, Skye. 

(But maybe, a change of fresh clothes after a shower wouldn't go astray, my gal.)

Feature image: Ten. 

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