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'It's very disappointing.' Brittany Hockley told us exactly what happened with her ‘edit’ on I'm A Celebrity.

Brittany Hockley is a woman of many talents. She's a radio jock, host of the popular podcast Life Uncut, an ex-Bachie star and now she's the latest celebrity to complete a stint in the I'm A Celebrity jungle. 

Hockly was eliminated in Thursday night's semi-final, alongside Ellie Cole, capping off an experience she told us is one she will cherish. 

"It's mixed emotions as you're so close to the end that you can only hope you make it that last day and that last episode, but at the same time, it was so hard that there's a part of me that's like 'yes, food and a warm bed.'" 

Hockley admitted she wasn't prepared for how harsh the jungle was for the celebrities. "It was so much harder. It's funny because people like Woody [Whitelaw] and Pete Helliar, who have done it before, both told me it's really hard," she said. 

"But I've done reality TV before and there's always some off-camera magic that happens. I thought if I was that hungry, they'd slip some food here and there. It's really not like that; they really starve you out. It's the realest reality TV show I've ever done." 

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Since leaving the show, Hockley has admitted she was surprised by how little her humourous side was shown on the episodes, with the majority of her recent storylines involving intense conversations with her fellow campers. 

The former The Bachelor runner-up said she wanted to show a lighter side to audiences. 


"I was hoping to show them who I am — like on my podcast. Everyone knows on my podcast that I'm quirky and funny. I'm stupid. I'm silly. I'm a dork. I'm all of those things. I'm high energy. I really wanted people to see that because that wasn't shown on The Bachelor. I thought this would be my opportunity," she said. 

"But my impression when I was on there, I could feel my edit a little bit. My impression is I didn't get to show that again. It sounds like they just showed a really serious side of me with deep chats and interviews. And I mean, I could be wrong when I go back and watch the whole thing, but that's a real shame."

She elaborated that a few people have told her they were surprised by her edit. 

"A few people have said to me since we've been out... like it's so weird. They said 'you're probably the most involved in everything, in the discussions and the activities and the loudest but we didn't see it'," she said.

"It's very disappointing because I don't know why I got the serious edit, but there's nothing I can do about that."

Hockley was most often shown asking some of her fellow campers about their past experiences, as she did with Ellie Cole about her swimming career and Tristan MacManus with his history of addiction. 

Brittany asks Tristan about his past health issues. Image: Ten. 


"The thing is, that is me. I interview for a living, and I love it. I love finding out about people. And it's a really natural thing to me," she said.

"But three-quarters the way through the show, I was like, no one's really asked me about me. I'm here as an interviewer for everyone. I didn't really notice until we were halfway through and I was like this is strange. It is what it is, I guess I'm a more curious person than maybe most people." 

The podcast host doesn't hold any grudges about her portrayal but she is disappointed. "I can't do anything about it. I loved it. I enjoyed it. It's a shame that I went on a show to show a side I hadn't been able to show on TV before and I didn't get to show that." 


But what Hockley did do on the show was shine a light on her charity, Rize Up Australia, which offers support, raises funds and provides homes for families impacted by domestic violence. 

"My reason for choosing Rize Up is that it's a huge part of our podcast. Life Uncut is speaking to women that have been in these situations and giving these women a voice and a platform," she said.

"When you speak to women in this situation, it's one thing to hear the statistics, you know that one woman a week is murdered in Australia, but when you speak to these women, they are telling you their story, they're not a statistic anymore. They're real people and it changes the way you look at it." 

As far as Britt's plan for her next project, reality TV is likely not on the table. 

"I think I'm probably done," she said. "The only one I'd do is probably Dancing with the Stars because I like to dance. But I can't think of what else I'd do. Unless I'm a host on it, I don't know if you'll see me again."

Ultimately, Hockley doesn't wish she did anything differently and has no regrets. "I know I nailed it. I know I had so much fun. I was so involved. I was so loud and funny," she said.

"It's just a shame that Australia didn't get to see that."

Feature image: Ten. 

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