There's a new Big Little Lies theory that spells danger for Celeste.


SPOILER ALERT: This post contains big spoilers for Big Little Lies season 1 and the first two episodes of season two.

Get excited, Big Little Lies fans.

After months of waiting, the long anticipated release of the second season of Big Little Lies is finally here.

Now the show is no longer following Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, it’s safe to say fans have a lot of new theories about what’s to come for the Monterey Five a.k.a Madeline, Celeste, Jane, Bonnie, and Renata.

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In case you’ve forgotten, season one of the show wrapped up when Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) pushed Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) down the stairs to his death.

Now, in season two of the show, the women of Monterey Bay are all grappling with the pressure of keeping their very big secret.

Perry’s wife, Celeste (Nicole Kidman), seems to be particularly struggling with her husband’s death – especially now that Perry’s mother, Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) has come to stay with the family. But there’s one particular theory that has fans feeling very concerned for Celeste.


You see, at the start of the second episode of season two, we saw Celeste hazily driving her car before she veered off the road and crashed her vehicle.

Speaking to Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) after the accident, Celeste admitted that she had taken a sleeping tablet before bed and had no recollection of getting into her car.

Celeste claimed she had no recollection of getting into her car. Image: HBO.

But while Celeste claimed it was just a case of sleepwalking gone wrong, some fans think that the visions Celeste had after losing control of her car may point to something far more troubling.

Right after the crash, Celeste experienced a flashback in which she appeared to be having sex in a car with a man (supposedly not Perry) with a large back tattoo. Later on in the episode, Celeste was also spotted with a badly bruised wrist.

Following the episode, one viewer shared their theory on Reddit, questioning whether Celeste may have been returning to her old ways to cope with her husband's sudden death.

"Maybe this is more obvious than I thought but is Celeste having rough sex with strangers now?" the Reddit user wrote.

"While driving before her accident, she had a flashback to having sex with a man with an awful back tattoo and then she was in the kitchen rubbing a bruise of her wrist," they added.

big little lies season two
The new season of Big Little Lies has sparked lots of new fan theories. Image: HBO.

"I'm thinking she lied about taking a pill and is out trying to recreate the 'love' between her and Perry."

As Celeste has admitted to missing Perry following his death, it wouldn't be too surprising if she really is reaching out to other men to fill the void he has left behind.

Ahead of Perry's death, we learned that under their picture perfect family facade, Celeste's relationship with her husband was highly abusive and toxic. The couple also often engaged in aggressive sex, which Perry used as a way to try and apologise for his disturbing behaviour.

In the season one finale, we also learned that Perry was Jane's (Shailene Woodley's) rapist and the father of her child Ziggy.

For years, Celeste managed to hide the abusive nature of her marriage. Could she be hiding her ways of coping with Perry's death too?

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