The travel packing hack that never fails.

Since COVID restrictions came to a much-welcomed end, most people have been desperately trying to break their home-bound habits and get out and about again. 

That means travel has been at the top of our agendas. Of course, cost of living has slowed down the momentum just a little bit, making how and where we travel a little more, shall we say, restrictive. But hey, we can dream, right? 

For some of us, travel isn't just about fun. We might have to hop on a plane for work or visit family in another state. 

Whatever the reason though, I reckon I speak for most people when I say travelling is, for the most part, a most excellent break from the drudges of everyday life. 

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There are three things that make travelling suck — packing (and unpacking), luggage collection, and delayed flights (unless you're a lounge member, of course). 

The latter issue you can't do much about. Apparently, though, there is an easier way to pack than pulling everything you own out of your wardrobe and squeezing in as many items of clothing as possible. 


Turns out, you don't have to pack a complete outfit for every single possible occasion for your trip (which usually means a casual outfit, a going-out outfit, a beach outfit, an outfit for bush-walking, and an after-5pm dress — because you never know right?!). And apparently you don't need a pair of shoes in all styles and colours, plus a makeup selection for all possible moods. 

According to one savvy YouTuber there is a simple hack that works for anyone, regardless of your reason for travelling, that eliminates the painful process of packing, and the need to fight your fellow passengers for a front-row spot at the luggage carousel.

Christina Mychas, who describes herself as a 'reformed shopaholic turned international spender', says she's developed a life-changing method of packing that means you'll never have to check in your luggage again. 

We're listening. 

It's called the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method. 

"This package method is as easy as it sounds," Christina says. 

Basically, the method looks like this — five tops, four bottoms, three pairs of shoes, and two layering pieces. 

Your single items can be anything from pyjamas, accessories, a handbag, or anything other essentials you might need for this specific trip, she says. 

"The key is to choose pieces that are versatile and functional for you, so that you can wear them across whatever you're doing in your travels."


Before you start, take some time to think about a few key factors: what is the weather going to be like? If you're going to a hot climate, you will not want to take heavy jackets as your two layering pieces. If you're heading to somewhere unpredictable, you'll want to take one warmer coat, and something cooler, like a blazer or a vest. If the weather is undoubtedly hot, your layering pieces can be purely for style. Also think about the reason for your trip, and any must-dos. 


When it comes to your five tops, again, consider weather as well as any essential events you know you have to attend. Is it a corporate trip, a casual trip, a beach trip, or a combination of both? If you're not sure, try to cover the spectrum, and include basics that you can reuse and style in different ways. Choose colours you can mix and match with. 

When it comes to bottoms, jeans are a no-brainer. And unless you know exactly what you're doing, opt for a combination of dressy and casual pieces for the rest. If it's a work trip, choose four bottoms in a range of neutral colours. If it's a beach trip, do the same but keep it casual — a loose pant, floaty skirt, and a pair of versatile shorts. 

For shoes, consider your specific needs, but a pair of sneakers, flats and heels will likely do the job. 

Your single items are all about you. It could be your favourite belt, headphones, gym gear, a dressing gown, a funky pair of boots, a sunhat — whatever it is you need to make your trip perfect for you. 

Oh, and don't forget your toiletries. 

So, there you have it, an apparently fool-proof way to pack your bag efficiently, and skip luggage check in altogether. 

You're welcome. 

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