The lazy girl's guide to saving money when you're bored of the cost of living.

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Remember the days of frivolous grocery shopping? 

You know, before any of this nonsense like cost of living and pesky dependants. 

Organic? Sure! Summer fruit in winter? Yes, please! Full price? Go on then! 

But like all good eras of excess, my frivolous grocery shopping has come to an end, with my savvy savings era now in full effect. And I’m not being funny, but savvy savings is getting up there in the way of eras. 

The kick I get when I slay at the cash register each week, very much on par with a "just because" snack of quince paste, goat’s cheese and artisan crackers (ahh, those really were the days). 

Call me your new internet bestie, because I’m about to share my tried and tested tips for savvy savings. Are you ready? Good, let’s do it!

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Take inventory of what you have and make a list.

Remember that time when you couldn’t quite remember if you had any tins of chickpeas, so you thought it best buy two tins to be safe? Only to find that you did in fact have two tins of chickpeas, so now you have four tins of chickpeas? 

It sounds obvious, but I’m certain there are other people like me who would do a food shop without confirming exactly what you have in stock. Most of us have an idea of the big essential items needed – think milk, eggs, and bread. But actually taking stock of what is in your fridge, freezer and pantry saves on any double ups!

I also like to take stock of items that are close to running out – these are the items that if they’re on special, we’re going to jump on because savvy girlies plan ahead!

We know what we have. We know what we need. And what’s on special. NOW it’s time to make your list! 

We’re good, but we’re never too good to make a comprehensive list to follow while we shop. Just make sure you actually make and stick to the list.

Get savvy with loyalty programs. 

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I'm all about maximising the benefits of loyalty programs on everyday shopping – whether it's groceries, beauty products, or things for the house (the list goes on). For our weekly shop, I use Everyday Rewards to stay on top of my points boosters, which help me accumulate more points when I shop and where, be it at Woolies or BIG W. 

I’ve also just jumped on the bandwagon for Everyday Extra from Everyday Rewards which is a subscription linked to your Everyday Rewards membership that gives you access to a whole new level of savings and extra benefits when shopping at both Woolies and BIG W (hello, Christmas presents!).

The subscription gives you access to 10 per cent (10 PER CENT!!) off one shop of your choice every month at Woolies and BIG W, in-store or online. Everyday Extra can help you save up to $100 a month which is $1200 a year on your shopping across Woolies and BIG W. Such great value, especially when we’re all looking for savings in the lead up to the holiday season on food and gifts. You also accumulate 2x Rewards points on every shop, getting you closer to unlocking even MORE savings each week.


It’s an absolute no-brainer. The savings are simply too compelling to ignore, and of all the subscriptions I have, this is LITERALLY, not figuratively, the most practical (sorry to my beloved streaming services)!

You sign up via the Everyday Rewards app AND there’s a 30-day free trial so you can experience savings straightaway and cancel anytime. 

Think of the savings on your big Woolies Christmas food shop or the BIG W toys shop! 

It literally pays for itself in the first month.

Look at weekly specials online to plan meals and snacks.

Then it’s time for a little online price research to see what weekly specials are on offer. If you’re shopping at Woolies, they make it super easy to access your local weekly catalogue online by entering your postcode to find your local store’s specials for that week. 

These specials can then help inform your meal and snack planning for the week AND you can jump on any items that you earmarked as "close to running out" that are on special! The trick is to add the items to your shopping list on the Woolies app, so you can easily refer to it when heading to the shops (you'll never lose the shopping list again). 

Scope out in-store price reductions.

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Oh, no no no! Our savviness doesn’t end at home. 

Once we’re at the supermarket, we’re looking for those in-store reductions, usually on items that are nearing their best before or use by date. Prices are typically slashed for a quick sale which is literal music to our bank account. Cooked, frozen or eaten that day, these discounted items are what makes shopping in-store worth it!

Buy ugly fruit and veg!!

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In the words of our Queen, Beyoncé, pretty hurts… the bank account. Odd Bunch for the win! 

The Odd Bunch is a collection of fresh fruit and vegetables that look less than perfect, taste equally as yummy as their pretty counterparts, but are sold at a much cheaper price! Not only are you saving money, but you’re saving produce that would otherwise go to waste. You can buy these funny looking but delicious tasting fruit and veg both in-store AND online!!

So there you have it. My tried and tested savvy savings. Who said you can’t teach an old dog (frivolous shopper) new tricks (how to save). But seriously, we are in a time where every dollar matters. So let's save some!

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