The three best Netflix movies you must watch this weekend.

The weekend has finally arrived, and we’re faced with the usual dilemma: spend it with family and friends or consume as much TV and movies as possible?

Regardless of your choice, might we suggest three original Netflix films to put on, whether it’s with friends, your partner or a packet of chips.

Take your pick of the Oscar-nominee, the fun slasher or the terrifying thriller – or just watch all three.


netflix november
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With four Oscar nominations, Mudbound helped Netflix become the first streaming service to land eight nominations in this year's Academy Awards.


Telling the story of two men returning home from World War II to work on a farm in rural Mississippi, the film deals with PTSD post-war and racism. It's these men and the other characters' stories that make the film so gripping.

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Yet after it premiered at Sundance Film Festival, it was passed on by everyone but Netflix and a handful of small cinemas - which actually makes it far more impressive that it scored Oscar nominations against many better-publicised films. Even better, the film resulted in the first female cinematographer ever being nominated for an Oscar.

So if you're in the mood for well-made, gritty American period drama, this one's a must-watch.

The Babysitter

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If you prefer your horror flicks on the light, albeit gory, side, then The Babysitter is the perfect film to switch on this weekend.

The film follows 12-year-old Cole, who is in love with his all-round-awesome high school-aged babysitter Bee (played by former Home and Away actress Samara Weaving). But when Cole's friend suggests he try to stay awake to see what she gets up to after he goes to sleep one weekend, he makes a shattering discovery: his beloved babysitter is leading a Satanic cult.

Full of fun, stereotype-with-a-twist characters like Bella Thorne's crazed cheerleader Allison and 'roided-up jock Max (Robbie Amell), the flick perfectly balances comedy with tense moments and over-the-top gore, without getting too silly or too terrifying.

The Open House

the open house review
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If you like your horror a little more psychological, then The Open House is for you.

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Thirteen Reasons Why fans will instantly recognise lead actor Dylan Minnette in the role of Logan, who along with his mum Naomi (Piercey Dalton) has travelled to a relative's remote holiday home to stay in after a death in the family. The only catch? The home is up for sale, so every Sunday a realtor runs open-for-inspections while Logan and his mum leave the house. Of course, this sets us up the premise: what if someone from the open house stayed in the home (and tried to kill them)?

It's a brilliant film. Be warned though: it's truly is face-behind-your-pillow frightening. As Mamamia writer Keryn puts it, this film plays on one of our greatest fears and will have you jumping at the shadows and checking under your bed for weeks.

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