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mamamia-user-649450993 June 6, 2020

I understand why she’s hurt, I would be too! Doesn’t excuse the way she’s acting though. 

mamamia-user-649450993 June 3, 2020

ISO has definitely taught my I can stretch out any appointments! I was a regular 4 weeks on the dot for brows, but I can do 2-3 months now I know how to tint myself. 

Embracing balayage also means hair appointments can wait too. 

mamamia-user-649450993 June 3, 2020

“Perceived by them”? Can’t you just apologize for hurting someone? 

mamamia-user-649450993 May 28, 2020

At home tint kit! I can handle my brows getting a bit wild but I was missing getting regular tints.

Now I know how easy it is I’ll continue to use it when salons open again to stretch out time between visits. 

Sarah March 27, 2020

Did that comment make you feel better about yourself?

Sarah March 27, 2020

I’ve found that I’ve coped better through this than I expected (so far). Years of GAD have taught me a lot of coping mechanisms.

The most heartbreaking thing though, is seeing that heartbreaking choking panicked look in my kids eyes... I can feel that claustrophobic feeling that has hit her so hard.

Sarah March 25, 2020

It literally says in the article they had no guests at the wedding.

Sarah March 14, 2020

How do they police self isolation? I know a lot of selfish/stupid people who think it’s a joke. It’s bloody frustrating trying to explain the impact this will have, when people don’t want to listen.

Sarah March 12, 2020

Are regular people getting their results the same day? I thought it was a few days of backlog at the moment?

Sarah March 2, 2020

I think she uttered the words “when I lived in LA” about 7493 times in the one episode

Sarah February 19, 2020

It’s a wild day when Harry Styles is the most subtly dressed person at an event.

Sarah February 19, 2020

Not to mention, she has already cashed in considerably for being a “special person” and making money from peoples insecurities. She doesn’t do that out of the goodness of her heart, it’s a job.

Sarah February 19, 2020

I call bullshit. This guy is just embarrassed he’s been caught out as a slimy old pig. I see his type at work all the time, think they’re the alpha and treat everyone around them, especially women, like shit that he can control.

Sarah February 18, 2020

Exactly! A lot of places even drop your click and collect to your car now.. so you can still save on delivery but not have to make much effort.

Sarah February 15, 2020

Oh I totally get Bill Hader!

Sarah February 14, 2020

You could have learnt those things dating a non married man too.

Sarah February 13, 2020

Rose McGowans idea of feminism is dragging other woman down. I’m not here for that. There’s a way to make a point without sounding like a bitch.

Sarah February 12, 2020

That does look super realistic!

Sarah February 12, 2020

I’m a bit lost, but I do like the idea of the family sitting down and making decisions together. We have one kid who loves extracurricular activities and the little one not so much... so she’s dragged to a lot of things when she’d be happy playing outside at home.

Sarah February 12, 2020

If one of the guys did to their partner what Hayley did to hers they’d be kicked off the show. She assaulted him.

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