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mamamia-user-649450993 February 24, 2021

@laura__palmer I think too, a lot of women just don’t realise at the time either. It’s only now I’m in my 30s I look back at incidents as a teenager and realize it was sexual assault. 

But you’re right, it’s just not reported. I was speaking to a male in my life recently after Evan Rachel Wood spoke up about Marilyn Manson. His response was “why didn’t she leave?”. This came from a male who I thought was an ally and it made me realize how far we still have to go. When we speak out it’s always our fault somehow. 

mamamia-user-649450993 February 1, 2021

Ok so in commenting on this I’m admitting I watched.... but, one thing that really fired me up was Mike “apologizing” for Heidi being upset by his comments. No mate, apologize for YOUR toxic behaviour, which caused pain. Not Heidi’s reaction. 

mamamia-user-649450993 January 31, 2021

I’m so happy she won! She uses her platform for so much good. People really need to get over their disdain for strong women. 

mamamia-user-649450993 January 31, 2021

I have had this conversations with my friends with boys several times. What starts as a 6/7 year old making comments or forcing an unwanted hug on a friend... can and will turn into an adult male who thinks he’s entitled to force himself on a woman and speak to her like she’s trash. UNLESS it’s stamped out early and used an an opportunity for discussion and teaching.  

If I hear the phrase “it’s just boys being boys” or “Aw it’s just harmless fun” one more time, I will lose my mind! 

mamamia-user-649450993 January 26, 2021

While everyone’s situation is unique... I can’t help but wonder what is this teaching the kids?

That a loveless relationship is fine? That a woman should put everyone’s else’s needs and feelings ahead of her own? 

mamamia-user-649450993 January 20, 2021


mamamia-user-649450993 December 27, 2020

There’s a lot of excuses being made in this article. Sometimes it’s best to just own the fact you’ve behaved in a way that’s not ideal and apologize. 

It’s ok to say to a friend “I’m really sorry, I don’t have the mental capacity to provide the support you need”.. and then check in when you can. Because you’re 100% right, you can’t pour from an empty cup. But to just ultimately ghost with little explanation is hurtful. 

mamamia-user-649450993 November 16, 2020

Here’s hoping this is finally the end of his career and we never have to see him again. 

mamamia-user-649450993 September 15, 2020

Jamie called channel 10? The same channel 10 he’s taking legal action against? 

mamamia-user-649450993 August 31, 2020

They absolutely nailed this show. I definitely recommend. 

mamamia-user-649450993 August 30, 2020

How the hell is an awards ceremony given the ok to go ahead during a pandemic?! 

mamamia-user-649450993 August 29, 2020

Wait, so a couple of days after what was basically a one (two) night stand... you were spying?

mamamia-user-649450993 August 29, 2020

This just shows everyone has different tastes. 

mamamia-user-649450993 August 26, 2020

Every season there are a handful of women who seem genuinely confused that there are other women in the mansion?! 

mamamia-user-649450993 August 13, 2020

To be fair, over those albums she’s also aged what... 15 years? I’m definitely not the same person I was 15 years ago! 

mamamia-user-649450993 August 11, 2020

I really enjoyed this book. It left me wanting another down the track to see where they’re all at. 

mamamia-user-649450993 July 19, 2020

I would love this! She’s brilliant. 

mamamia-user-649450993 July 17, 2020

Cass is coming across as a real mean girl. Some of her comments have been awful. 

mamamia-user-649450993 June 6, 2020

I understand why she’s hurt, I would be too! Doesn’t excuse the way she’s acting though. 

mamamia-user-649450993 June 3, 2020

ISO has definitely taught my I can stretch out any appointments! I was a regular 4 weeks on the dot for brows, but I can do 2-3 months now I know how to tint myself. 

Embracing balayage also means hair appointments can wait too.