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jazzbaby February 20, 2024

As a DFV caseworker for an NGO I am sad to say I agree with much of the article. A good portion of my work involves advocating for victim-survivors with the police. It’s so excruciating and frustrating that some of those who “serve and protect” need to be convinced to do so. 

Having said that, I also work alongside some amazing police officers too. 

jazzbaby February 19, 2024

So disappointed. But not surprised. 

jazzbaby November 27, 2023

We have to keep saying this, screaming this until we are heard and REAL change is made. When is enough enough? 

jazzbaby November 27, 2023

25 November started 16 Days of Activism for Violence Against Women. As of 28 November I believe two more women, Catiuscia,  and an unnamed woman in her 90s, have died as a result of violence. Enough is enough!

jazzbaby November 15, 2023

Just another example of violence against women. Yes, I know there are male nurses, many excellent ones, but nursing is predominantly seen as a female profession. 

jazzbaby November 2, 2023

Thank you. I didn’t know about this page. I will tell my friends about it too. 

jazzbaby October 30, 2023

There is one single question every single woman in Australia must ask. We must ask our politicians. We must ask our magistrates. We must ask our police. And we must ask our men. 


jazzbaby August 10, 2023

Thank you for the sensible and objective article. As an adult with ADHD I can assure you that is it very hard to get medication ‘Willy Nilly’. I pay to see a psychiatrist twice a year which is a huge cost, but I know that I would never have been able to complete a bachelor’s degree or have the complex and satisfying job that I have without it. 

jazzbaby July 23, 2023

I loved the movie, so much to unpack, but one moment for me was an absolute letdown. 

The scene where the Barbies took back their power and gave the Kens their marching orders, then as one they all turned to the CEO (Will Ferrell) for his approval. It spoiled what could have been a powerful moment-in a movie filled with powerful moments. 

jazzbaby February 15, 2023

"Stronach maintains that Brown has handled the fame much better than she ever could"

Yep, women adapt,  men remain disgusting pigs

jazzbaby February 3, 2023

One of my favourite actors 

jazzbaby October 22, 2022

@twodogs I'm genuinely interested in what Aboriginal causes and programs Ms  Rinehart supports.

jazzbaby August 28, 2022

@yeahyepyes I've had a wide variety of different bahn mi, I would happily pay more for premium ingredients and cooking techniques 

jazzbaby August 20, 2022

"For context, Marin is a married mother of one, whose husband was not in attendance nor shown in the footage."

What context? Once again the world is shown to despise young, successful females. I'm so tired of seeing this. If this was a male...zzz 

jazzbaby June 4, 2022

An absolute musical icon. Babooshka, Wuthering Heights and Running up that Hill are long time favourites of mine.

jazzbaby May 24, 2022

@cminchin42 I agree. CBT is not suitable for BPD. DBT, dialectic behavioural therapy is the treatment recommended 

jazzbaby May 15, 2022

Wait, so I don't have to voted where I'm enrolled?

"On May 21, you can rock up to any polling place in your state or territory"

jazzbaby March 25, 2022

"The victim is seen by the abuser as suddenly trying to exert control over them. So then in their twisted minds, their control over the victim has to be reasserted."
@Chrissyinthemiddle, you have absolutely nailed it. This is a really important point and needs to be shared. 

jazzbaby February 7, 2022

This reminds me of an older male colleague who would constantly text me -please give me a call - instead of just calling me himself! Not quite weaponised incompetence but almost. 

jazzbaby November 10, 2021

My experience; I had a wonderful church family who were my whole world. When I separated from my husband I couldn't face going to church when he was still there.

Not one person from my church family contacted or connected with me to see if I was ok. It was like I didn't exist unless I was there in the building. 
The grief from that, and my separation let to mild PTSD, I could not even go into town for fear of bumping into anyone from church. 
My church family made me feel worthless.  Luckily I have been able to discover and love my own self worth.