The best low-maintenance haircuts for when you CBF with styling.

Guys, we're not going to lie. We're finding the whole 'doing your hair every single morning' thing to be a real bloody drag. We're tried. We want to have a snooze in. 

Remember when we were in a pandemic and we could just, like, not wash it for five days straight? And throw it up in a lazy bun? Ugh. What a time. 

The good news? We don't *actually* have to spend half an hour styling our hair every day. We really don't. What we need is a good haircut. A good ~low-maintenance~ haircut for lazy girls like you and me.

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So, what are the best low-maintenance haircuts? What should we ask our hairdresser for next time we pop in for a chop?

Good question, kind dame.

We asked Virginie Gayssot, the Head of Education and Talent at Franck Provost, and Dee Parker Attwood, National Ambassador Schwarzkopf Professional and owner of Wieselmann salon, for the best low-maintenance hairstyles.

The blunt shag.


The 90s-inspired shaggy bob has made a comeback - and it's the ideal way to show off some texture with little effort on the styling front. Hooray!

"The 'blunt shag' is back and better than ever, because it is meant to look 'out of bed' it always looks good," said Gayssot.

Love that for us.

"The key with this hairstyle is to keep your volume with a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner. There is nothing worse than a flat shag. For added volume turn your hair upside and lightly mist with hairspray."

The long length blunt cut.


Low-maintenance doesn't always mean you have to go for the chop. You can still hang on to your lengths and find a no-fuss cut that'll sit nice with a simple wash and dry.

"This is the ultimate low maintenance cut as it stays sharp at the ends the longest. One length hair, can be washed and simply blasted out and it still looks tidy and polished," said Parker Attwood.

Easy as pie.

Layered hair.

Both our experts agree that layered hair is a great option for curly or wavy hair types, as it can help take out a lot of the weight, meaning less time spent on drying and styling. Swoon!

"Long layers are perfect as they create a soft natural movement that doesn't need too much work," said Gayssot. "This cut is perfect for those with thicker hair and can really frame your face."

When it comes to styling layered hair, there's not much to it. 


"For curls, embracing the natural texture and letting hair dry naturally is a great low maintenance option," said Parker Attwood. "For styling, use products which accentuate your natural wave or curl pattern like Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curls Twister Definition Cream, $31.95, to work into hair before drying."

The modern mullet.

Yes - the mullet is still having a moment. (CAN YOU CALL MUM, I'M SCARED).

According to Gayssot, there is such thing as a cool-girl, mullet. And she reckons you should give it a go - cause apparently it's no fuss when it comes to styling.

"The 'Modern Mullet' is all the rage right now (think Miley and Rihanna). Even though you need to go back to the hairdressers quite often in between appointments, it is super easy to style on a day-to-day basis," said Gayssot.

"Because this cut is so textured, it's perfect for just wash and go and those that want minimal fuss."

Umm should... should we do it?


Buzz cuts.

Always wanted to rock a buzz cut? Welp, now is the time!

According to hair experts, we'll be seeing a lot of this bold transformation getting around this year, as people continue to embrace low-maintenance styles and minimal effort.

If you're not sure if this cut is right for you, check in with your hairdresser and they'll give you some options for a great short style that will suit you. 

"Ask your hairdresser to suggest the short option that best suits your face shape. Your daily routine may be as simple as putting in some product into damp hair and off you go," adds Parker Atwood. 

"Most clients say that a really great haircut from a professional hairdresser will grow out really well and can last up to 12 weeks if done correctly."

Would you try any of the above styles? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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