OH. Vanessa Sunshine just told the Honey Badger she doesn't like his "curly mullet".

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I see.

Vanessa Sunshine said a thing.

On Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor 2018, Vanessa Sunshine got a lil’ bit of alone time with the Honey Badger.

She decided to take the opportunity to tell Nick that she’s not that keen on the… mullet.

And the… moustache.

And his general… aesthetic.

It was super awkward but also possibly the most authentic moment in this TV series to date.

I’m like, ‘Who’s this dude?'”she explained to a stunned Badger. “Blonde, curly mullet with this, like, curling moustache.”

“And I’m going, ‘Huh? OK.  Like, maybe he’s, like, open to a little makeover or something’.”

He was, erm, not open to a little makeover.

“If she’s not feeling the Badger vibes, fair enough. There’s someone out there for everyone… Hooroo,” Nick then said to the camera.




Later, at the camping-themed rose ceremony Nick sent Vanessa Sunshine home.

And she was confused as to why the curly-mulleted man was still talking ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.