Boring sex life? You're doing one thing wrong.

Here’s how married sex often goes…

One or both of you checks that the kids are asleep – not fake asleep but real asleep – and then you both scurry to the bedroom for a ‘special cuddle’. One or both of you isn’t in the mood but you plan to do it anyway.

You take your bottoms off but leave your top on. Your husband does the same. He closes the door and turns the heater on low. You get under the blanket and he crawls in under you. Neither of you talk much. He does his usual thing, you do your usual thing, it’s over in minutes, you wipe up, put your bottoms back on and fall asleep.

Sound familiar?

Aussie sex therapist Bettina Arndt talks about relationships and mis-matched libidos. 

If you’re worried that sex is only boring for you, take comfort in the fact that a new survey has revealed that married sex is suffering for many couples, for a very simple reason.

One in six couples have confessed to not trying a new sex position in SIX YEARS!

The research was conducted by Durex who discovered that most long-term couples are relying on the same couple of sex positions and are forgetting to get creative in the bedroom.

British news site Express spoke to sex and relationship expert Alix Fox to discuss the survey and she said that lack of time and force of habit are the main culprits. However, she also suggested some simple ways to shake things up.


“You don’t necessarily have to do anything wildly complicated or scarily daring to transform lovemaking from ‘mildly mundane’ to ‘jubilantly joyous’; something as straightforward as giving a tube of pleasure gel a whirl can act as a refresher and open you and your partner up to further thrilling experiences.”

Alix Fox talking to UK website Express

We know, it’s tiring just thinking about having to do something new. And why do we always have to be the ones to try new things?

Well, someone has to. And who knows? You might have more fun too.

Sex is important in relationships. There’s no getting around that fact. So whether you are a quality over quantity couple or a quantity over quality couple, it’s never too late to get your sexy on.

To help out, here are six ‘position swaps’ you can try tonight:

1. Instead of missionary, try spooning.

2. Instead of spooning, try doggy style.

3. Instead of having sex in bed, sit on a table and do it there.

4. Instead of you being on the bottom, try being on top.

5. Instead of staying partially dressed, get naked!

6. Instead of keeping your eyes closed, try opening them and really looking at each other. Yes, you can use missionary for this.

Do you feel as though your sex life has gone stale? What have you tried in an effort to spice it up?