LEIGH CAMPBELL: 'I've found a $20 supermarket product for ultra glossy salon hair.'

In 2024, the haircare market is booming. Hair health has never been as important and as a result, the beauty shelves are positively CRAMMED with fancy hair serums, scalp scrubs, oils, creams, masks and elevated shampoo and conditioners that cost more than your weekly grocery shop (and that's saying something).

The result? A lot of confused people who end up sticking to what they always use because it's way easier.

And honestly, same.

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But on a recent episode on the You Beauty podcast, Leigh Campbell let us in on an affordable golden nugget she's been loving and really rates — and if our very own beauty wizard says it's good, then you're going to want to get your hands (hair?) on it asap.

"My savey is a very good leave-in conditioner serum shiny thing," said Leigh. "It's TRESemmé Lamellar Serum Cream."

A serum cream? I hear you ask...

"It says it's an ultra-gloss salon finish leave-in serum cream.," said Leigh. "And that's exactly what it is."

The best part? It's $20.

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"It's not one of those really juicy hair oil, glossy things — because I've got short hair now I can only use a little bit of product and if I overdo it, it's bad."


"You pump this out and it's almost like a pearly/gold hybrid serum cream. They say use two to four pumps — if you've got short hair like me, just do one and see how you go. It just leaves your hair very soft and glossy. But not like product glossy.'

AKA the look you get when you've used too much product in your hair!

"It just makes it feel like when you've had your hair done at the salon and you're like, did they put anything in or is that just their blow-drying skills?!" Leigh added. 

Now, as someone who has tried the range, I can attest to the shine-worthy claims (it's great if you're a frizzy-hair gal like me). 

The product is easy to use and perfect for lazy girls who don't want to wait in the shower for five minutes for a treatment to 'work'. That kind of thing sucks, and if you ask me, leave-in treatments are the way to go.

In terms of what's actually... in... the product, it's full of do-good ingredients that work to correct, smooth and add shine to the hair. Leigh said, "It's got all the good stuff in there — such as amino acids and ceramides. It just makes your hair feel really healthy and nourished without weighing it down or greasy. It's beautiful."

"It's $20 but I got it for $10 — it's one of those brands that's in supermarkets, Big W, etc. and it's worth the 20 bucks. It's 100ml pump pack, and it's really, really good."

We'll take five.

Have you tried this range before? What's your favourite hair products right now? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@leighacampbell/Canva.

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