In addition to colourful gowns, there was something else missing from the BAFTAs red carpet this year.

A statement lip is a mainstay of the red carpet. Classic red, bold pink or bright orange, it’s a striking makeup choice that completes an outfit.

But at this year’s British Academy of Film and Television awards, it was striking only in its absence.

Following in the footsteps of the Golden Globes earlier this year, attendees overwhelmingly chose to wear black in support of the Time’s Up movement. (Post continues after gallery)


A side effect of this? Stars have also done away with the bold colour statements when it comes to their makeup.

The statement lip was almost nowhere to be seen, replaced by an array of nudes coupled with relatively simple and neutral eye makeup.

Kate Middleton, Salma Hayek, Saoirse Ronan, Angelina Jolie, Emma Roberts and Kate Mara were just some of the many red carpet attendees wearing the nude lip. (Post continues after gallery.)


While the natural look is a beauty trend that’s been big for a while, this time it feels like something more.

If it was a conscious decision on the part of the actresses and their teams as a nod to the reason for wearing black – which is likely as these things are never an accident – then in this context the nude lip itself is the statement lip.

And just like the powerful message conveyed by all black on the red carpet, it was noticed. Who said makeup was superficial?

Of course, there were a few exceptions.

Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Bonham Carter and Lupita Nyong’o were some on the red carpet who went the other way, opting for a bold red lip with their black dresses to make their own stand and statement on the subject.

Jennifer Lawrence BAFTAS 2018
Jennifer Lawrence. Image via Getty.

You see, that's the true beauty of this moment. Women (and male allies) taking back power, standing united for what's right and doing it in whatever way makes them feel strong and empowered.

It's clear in 2018 the red carpet remains a powerful place.

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