“The $3 matte red lipstick that gets many, many compliments.”

It must be said: a trip to the supermarket can prove very fruitful in the beauty stakes.

While picking up milk, eggs and Freddo Frogs the other night in Coles, something turned my head as I was making my way to the checkout. Sitting snugly in the beauty section was a brand I hadn’t seen before — Mode.

No, this isn’t what surprised me; the price did. The fact that all of Mode’s beauty items (from foundation to bronzer to lipstick to eyeliner) were just $3 is what firmly caught my attention.

mode makeup coles

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I threw a red Matte Lip Cream into my basket, chuckled at the name of it ("Hottie", ha ha ha), then went on my merry way.

With no expectations (it was $3, guys, I wasn’t expecting to find the lipstick of my wildest dreams) I decided to give it a whirl.

Verdict? Impressed. Very impressed, actually.

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While it dries matte in texture it goes on in liquid form, so any accidental over the top Kylie Jenner-esque lip-lining can be easily reversed before it’s set.


Plus, it’s ridiculously pigmented. You don’t need to build this colour — once you swipe it on there is no going back.

Take a look at our mascara faces at their best. (Post continues after video.)

It must be noted that this product isn't hydrating, partly due to its matte texture. I've got naturally very dry lips, and if you do too I'd recommend applying a thin layer of balm to your lips beforehand.

What it might lack in nourishment, it makes up for in lasting power. When it's dry this stuff does not budge. As someone who is constantly cursing my lips and their ability to somehow devour lip glosses and lipsticks around seven minutes post-application, I can assure you this stuff is the definition of long-lasting.

If you want to get really fancy, add a lipliner beforehand (something I probably remember to do once a month). (Post continues after gallery.)

Another lovely by-product of this lipstick? The compliments.

“Is that NARS?” asked one colleague.


“Where did you get that amazing lippie?” asked another.

mode lipstick

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"Wow. That's bright," stated one person. I'm not entirely sure if it was a compliment but I'll take it regardless.

Did I mention all their products are 100 per cent cruelty free? Lovely.

Have you tried Mode? Do you want to?

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