The diplomatic minefield Kate Middleton will face while choosing her dress for the BAFTAs.

Though fashion, in many circles, can be considered a frivolous luxury of the first world – an individual expression of creativity but a relatively meaningless one at that – it will prove political for the Duchess of Cambridge later this month.

Earlier this week, Kensington Palace confirmed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the BAFTAs on February 18.

Almost immediately, conversation swelled: What would Kate Middleton choose to wear?

After all, the BBC reported earlier this month that actresses at the BAFTA Awards would take a similar course of action to their Hollywood counterparts. They would be making a political, industry-wide statement about sexual harassment, misconduct and assault by donning themselves in black attire.

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A statement penned by a collection of UK based female film and television industry leaders reads as follows:

Inspired by the Time’s Up movement in the US, we are working to continue the incredible movement this side of the Atlantic. With BAFTA being the first major film awards ceremony in Europe this year, we feel it is important to make a statement to show global solidarity and that the issue is not being forgotten, and to join hands with people across all industries who have experienced inequality and abuse.

This is why we are inviting you to wear black to the awards ceremony, to follow suit from our sisters who attended the Golden Globes.

Though the concept seems straight forward, for Kate Middleton, it’s not.

Members of the royal family are famously and traditionally a-political; that is, they remain neutral regarding any kind of political commentary. The Duchess of Cambridge, therefore, may not be able to join the parade of black dresses for fear of making a political stance.

Interestingly, many have pointed out the Duchess may opt for a black gown with splashes of colour as she wore to last year’s awards in an attempt to avoid two things at once: To be colourful anomaly on the red carpet and marrying the political with her royalty.

Regardless of what she chooses, the world will be eying the diplomatic minefield she’s about walk.