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Honey Badger, we're begging you. Please send Cass home.


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We are two weeks into The Bachelor and there’s something Nick Cummins should have done precisely two weeks ago.

Let. Cass. Go.

Cass Wood, 23, entered the mansion with some entirely legitimate feelings. She had met Nick, the ripped guy from the gym, outside in the real world, and for reasons we hope to discover in the coming weeks, they never officially dated.

They did, however, go out a few times. It is possible (probable) they did the sexy time. We learned last night that Cass even met his brother.

She then signed up to a reality television show seemingly in the hopes of meeting someone who was explicitly not Nick Cummins, but I digress.

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When she saw him standing there, saying to the entire world “I AM READY TO MEET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE,” having been greeted by 24 other women, her face lit up. It was evident immediately that Cass liked Nick very much.

And that is nothing to be ashamed of.

You see, the funny thing about dating that no one likes to talk about, is that the odds are stacked against you. Just about all of us have been in the position, are currently in the position, or will one day be in the position, where we like someone far more than they like us.

And that’s okay. 

It’s painful, of course. An assault on the ego. It’s slightly embarrassing if we’re honest, but goddamn it it’s character building and one day we’ll laugh about it over a bottle of pinot gris and all will be well.


But there is one simple way Nick can make a less than ideal situation for Cass – a brilliant woman with lots to offer – bearable.

Cut her loose. Pull off the bandaid. Set the poor woman free.

Nick isn’t as in to Cass as she is into him. And that’s not really his fault. You can’t help who you fall for, but you can absolutely help how you treat them.

And if it’s evident to you that someone wants more than you can give them, the kindest thing to do is reject them immediately.

Do not lead them on. Don’t text them late every second Saturday night. Don’t agree to another date. Don’t like their Instagram photos.

Tell them you can’t give them what they want, and allow them to keep searching for it.

Of course it’s uncomfortable, and no one wants to hurt someone they care about. But in the long run, it’s an act of profound kindness.

So Nick, do us all a favour and let Cass go.

It’ll hurt at first, but after a few days she’ll recover, like we always do, and rebuild herself.

And she’ll be a better version of Cass because of it.