Three of Nick Cummins' exes have been uncovered. And... two are very familiar. 

Tonight, the 2018 season of The Bachelor Australia will premiere on Channel 10 and as everyone knows you can’t go into a new reality television show without doing necessary research. 

Along with the rest of the country, we’re frantically googling this ‘Nick Cummins‘ character, also known as ‘The Honey Badger‘.

What’s his deal? Can we trust him? And what do his exes have to say about him?


For five years, Cummins dated Norwegian artist Martine Thomassen. They met after a rugby match in 2010, through Cummins’ brother Nathan.

The pair lived together in Perth for most of their relationship.

“I finally came to Australia and thought I was going to learn English but, bloody hell, I had to learn not only Australian but also ‘Cummins’, which is like a whole different story,” Martine told Perth Now in an interview in 2015.

But not long after their five year anniversary, in 2016, the couple broke up.

According to a thorough Instagram stalk, they still follow each other, which can only mean they are on good terms.

Celebrating the win with the hugs and kisses @ms_thomassen.

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But Thomassen isn’t the only ex we know about.

While starring on Love Island earlier this year, 24-year-old Millie Fuller referenced the fact she had once dated the former Wallabies player.

In an interview with New Idea, Fuller said, “We didn’t really click, it was a little bit awkward,” and added that the 30-year-old wasn’t really her “cup of tea”.


And then there’s Home and Away actress Cassandra Wood.

According to an ‘unnamed source‘ who spoke to The Daily TelegraphCummins and Wood have been “more than friends”, spotted at a number of events together over a 12 month period.

But here’s where things get interesting.

Wood is a contestant vying for Cummins’ heart on this season of The Bachelor. 


We can’t wait to see them – er – ‘meet’.