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Oh no. We have a sign things don't go to plan in Paradise for Brooke Blurton.


Gather in friends, we have some very important bachie goss to share.

Brooke Blurton, who famously made the Honey Badger’s Bachelor top three before she walked out on him, has been engaging in some very suspicious social media activity.

And uh, it has probably given away how her appearance on season two of Bachelor in Paradise went down.

Just 10 days after landing in Fiji to join the cast of the show, the 23-year-old youth worker has posted a selfie on her Instagram story and damn it, does this mean what we think it means?

brooke blurton
Brooke's selfie seems to suggest she may have already left Paradise... Image: Instagram.

Given the 'no social media' rule applied to contestants while filming the show, Brooke's activity suggests she didn't find love on her second reality TV stint.

The Daily Mail reported that Network Ten could be uploading old pictures to throw viewers off the scent... But then again, she also followed fellow Paradise contestant Alex Nation who she would've met in Fiji. A very telling sign, we thinks.

Another hint came from The Bachelorette runner-up Todd King, who told E! Australia he and Brooke had touched base since the final aired last week so if we assume she watched it live... Well, she wouldn't have been in Fiji.

Todd said he and his fellow Perth native were friends before both their stints on the Bach because of course they were.

Even if she didn't find love in Fiji, Brooke looks like she's pretty stoked with life just the way it is. She captioned her Insta pic: "Sun makes me so happy."

Brooke was confirmed as a Paradise contestant at the Network Ten Upfronts event in October, along with fellow bachelorette Cass Wood.

Other rumoured cast members include Cat Henesey-Smith, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Shannon Buff and Vanessa Sunshine from Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor, Bill Goldsmith and Nathan Favro from Ali Oetjen's recently concluded Bachelorette season and former couple Richie Strahan and Alex Nation.