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"He's the one that got away": The Bachelor's Cass is still heartbroken over Nick Cummins.

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Dear lordy, last night’s Bachelor elimination was a fly kick to the chest, a machete to the heart and a punch in the downstairs all in one.

When The Bachelor’s Cass Wood didn’t receive a rose from Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins – as host Osher Gunsberg always sensitively explains to the heartbroken women – we felt so deeply for the woman who truly bared her heart and soul on national TV.

It was devastating to watch, Cass standing in front of a guy who didn’t want her back, and not fully understanding why. (You can watch the heartbreaking moment below, post continues after video…)

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We’ve all been there, and her rejection feels fresh and new to us watching at home or reading the news on our morning commutes.

For the 24-year-old from Sydney, it’s all still as raw as it was when that rose ceremony was first filmed several months ago.

“I finally felt like I’d found someone that I would be with in the future. It was all working out and he turned around in the rose ceremony and didn’t give me a rose. It really sucks,” the accounting student told The Herald Sun.


“My goal for going on the show was to find someone I would spend the rest of my life with. He will always be the one that got away.”

Cass, who had some kind of relationship with Honey Badger in the real world before coming on the show, also told The Sydney Morning Herald she was “angry, confused and sad” in the weeks after her elimination.

“I was just trying to figure out why. He didn’t explain it very well, but I respect Nick’s decision and I can’t change anything,” she told the Fairfax publication.

“I was definitely falling for him [at the end] and it was so real for me. I feel like it was more real for me than anyone else. I never really felt the way I felt about him about anyone else. I want to find that but I don’t know if I will.”

Cass also shared two statements on her Instagram about her time on The Bachelor – one about Honey Badger and another about that cocktail party conversation with Brittany.

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“I honestly had no idea who the bachelor was going to be, and to be completely honest I was over the moon when I rocked up and found out it was Nick,” she wrote.

“He was always to me, ‘the one that got away’ in the real world, and I was always too scared to tell him how I truely [sic] felt, and unfortunately it fizzled out due to poor timing.

“Seeing him there on the red carpet, we immediately picked things up from where we left off. In this unnatural environment, I was glad I had him as a little bit of comfort. I was able to see our connection grow and finally tell him how I felt.

“Unfortunately by the end, he felt we had hit ‘a ceiling’. At the end of the day, it is what it is, and I completely respect his decision. I have no regrets and even though the experience was extremely hard, at least I was able to walk away with closure.”


Of her chat with Brittany about exactly what her real-world encounters with Nick had involved, Cass had this to say:

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“No one will truly understand what it was like to be in both mine and Brittany’s situations in this very moment. I wasn’t given a handbook on how to deal with my particular situation. Did I go about it the right way? Who knows.”


“All that I know is that I never had any bad intentions or wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. I completely understand why Brittany approached the situation. There are absolutely no hard feelings towards her. She was my rock throughout this whole journey (along with Soph) and I honestly couldn’t of done it without them. And if I could’ve told the girls the truth earlier without hurting them than I would’ve, but it wasn’t a gamble I was willing to take.

“Britt you’ve always had my back and I appreciate that so so much, our bonds will never be broken.”

She also told the The Sydney Morning Herald she was never going to disclose the full extent of her past with Nick on national TV, and we can absolutely understand why.

“It’s like, ‘Holy sh*t, this is national TV and I’m not about to disclose whether we have [had sex] or not’. I said, ‘That’s kind of inappropriate for this situation that we’re in right now’.”

“My grandparents, my dad, everyone’s watching this show. I’m not going to go and tell the whole world that information, it’s my private dating life.”

Mamamia will be speaking to Cass later today (stay tuned), but all we can say right now is…

Cass, your soul mate will come along.


Do you think Honey Badger treated Cass fairly on The Bachelor? Should he have sent her home earlier?

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