The $25 Kmart baby station hack that's so genius, organised mums are making it go viral.

Every new parent knows that you can’t prepare for bringing a baby home – not really.

Usually, it’s simply a case of “expect the unexpected” because those little bundles of joy bring as much chaos into a home as….well, joy. That chaos takes some getting used to, and the answer is often organisation.

Which is why a genius Kmart baby changing station hack that was posted on Sunday night is going viral.

Corina Maynard, a member of the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, posted a photo of her daughter-in-law’s use of the clever trick. Her daughter-in-law has used a Children’s Storage Unit, retailing for just $25, to store everything she needs to look after her newborn.

The grey storage boxes – originally intended for toy or book storage – have been used for wipes, wraps, lotions – and the shelves for rows and rows of easily accessible nappies.

The post in Kmart Mums Australia. Source: Facebook

The hack is something that any parent of a new baby knows is a god send - with items at your finger tips, and clear visibility to what needs replenishing - especially if they're managing a 3am poo-nami.

Naturally, the hack was liked 3600 thousand times, and attracted 650 comments, as of 7pm on Sunday night.

Brittany Hyatt wrote, "That is such a clever idea, defiantly will be keeping this in mind for next bub!"

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Laura Webber said, "I love this idea! Charlie has one of these and he is outgrowing it so we will reuse it into one of these."

Patrice Gandy commented, "Until bubs starts crawling", but Corina Maynard replied to that by pointing out, "Then it can go back to being a bookshelf or toy storage."

The post also inspired other mums to share their baby station storage unit hacks.

Image via Ash Reading. Source: Facebook
Image via Chelsea Lea.Source: Facebook
Image via Tehara Wadwell. Source: Facebook
Image via Amy Crabtree. Source: Facebook.

Kmart has experienced a surge in popularity recently thanks to Facebook groups dedicated to sharing popular items and re-purposed ways of using their inexpensive - and thus affordable products. For example, the $10 pet beds that can be made into an ottoman, the $6 hack for your Coles Little Shop Collection, and the $6 fruit bowl that looks just like a designer light fitting.

Do you have a Kmart hack that has saved you time and money? Tell us in the comments section below.