Just every single misogynistic thing Australian Survivor's Zach has said on TV so far.

Zach Kozyrski is a 39-year-old personal trainer from WA and a contestant on Australian Survivor 2018 Champions vs. Contenders.

He’s also a self-described “weapon”.

For the last two weeks, Australian Survivor viewers have felt irked by comments Zach has and no doubt will continue to make about other contestants. In particular, towards his female tribe members.

Speaking of, see below a running tally of every cringe-y, frustrating or downright misogynistic thing Zach has said on Australian Survivor so far.

australian survivor zach
My face when Zach opens his mouth. Image: Giphy.

"I have no say as to whether the beast comes out. The beast takes no prisoners... he will destroy you." - (Not really misogynistic but referring to yourself in the third person is a bit yuck, yeah?)


"Aussie men are just soft now. Aussie men were once regarded as some of the toughest men on the planet, but not anymore. All these man buns and skinny leg jeans... soft."

"[Speaking about Paige] She's like, 'OMG, I'm, like, so offended.' Ugh."

"I think it's highly possible a woman might be able to beat me in a challenge, it just depends what kind of challenge it is. If it's physical strength, girl, no chance. But if we're looking at a dish washing challenge, I'm in trouble."

"I'd like to even things up in regards to gender... taking out some of the weaker girls."

"I really need the girls to pick up their game. We can't win with our girls."

"These girls are just useless. The girls on the Champions team are athletes. We've got graphic designers and mums."

"One snowflake down [referring to one of the girls going home]."

"I open a door for every woman. Not just the hot ones. I'd open it for little old fat Greek ladies. Sometimes I check out their bums as well and I'm like, you need to work out."

"We'll systematically wipe the girls out that are hanging around the bottom [of the tribe]."

"My back is sore from carrying around these girls."

"That ass [referring to Paige's behind]."

"I would only say [that ass] to an eight... [Paige] is only a six."

"Arrogance and ignorance are not attractive qualities in a woman."

Until the next horrible thing Zach says. Which is probably right now.

Are you watching Australian Survivor? Do you think Zach's behaviour is genuine, or that he's playing the role of a villain?