9 Australian labels that know what you want to wear this summer.

In the past five years, global searches for Australian fashion labels have quadrupled. Yes, quadrupled!

Clearly our laidback sense of style has attracted a lot of attention, especially from places like the UK.

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Maybe it’s because our designers put sustainability and their workers first. Or maybe it’s because Aussies are especially skilled in creating clothes that are not only chic but also functional.

As an Aussie gal, I rarely find the need to look internationally. Sure, I love a good Sandro top or Massimo Dutti coat as much as the next person, but at the end of the day, nothing compares to what’s available locally.

And if there are people overseas who are willing to drop a load of cash in customs to get their hands on something homegrown, why wouldn’t I take advantage of the situation in my own backyard?

If you also want to invest in clothes that are designed by Australians, then keep reading, because I’ve compiled a list of the best local fashion labels.


Shona Joy.

Image: Instagram/@shonajoy

Listen, when I say Shona Joy is one of my favourite Aussie brands, I MEAN IT. Sure, it leans more towards the pricey side, but if you monitor their socials, you'll stay up-to-date on the latest sales. I once bought a $300 dress for $150, wore it about 50 times, washed it about 51 times, and it still looks as good as new.



Image: Instagram/@posse

If you love designers like The Row but don't have $1,000 to drop on a t-shirt, definitely check out Posse. The Australian label makes staple pieces that are intended to be worn all year round. The brand also prides itself on its sustainability practices, so rest assured your money is going to the right place.



Image: Instagram/@henne_

If you've ever come across Nadia Bartel's Instagram and thought, "how do I dress like that!?", just know that shopping at her fashion label, Henne, is a good place to start. The best way to describe Henne is edgy and cool. The women who wear it are always on trend, and who wouldn't want to be perceived in that way?

St Agni.

Image: Instagram/@stagnistudio


If you're on the hunt for a solid white button-up shirt that will never, ever fail you, do me (and yourself) a favour and try St Agni. Yes, it's expensive. But when you think about it, the return on investment is high because you'll be wearing it All. The. Time. The Byron Bay brand is meant to last forever, so don't think too hard. Just buy it.


Image: Instagram/@sancia_thelabel


I love loungewear, and I specifically love loungewear by Sancia. The brand's matching sets are so versatile that you can either choose to wear them around the house or when you're out and about. They also make handbags and accessories, so chances are, if you head to their website, you won't leave empty-handed.


Image: Instagram/@yevuclothing


YEVU deserves a special shout out for many reasons but let me highlight the top two: 1. The sizing is inclusive, ranging from XS to 4XL; and 2. YEVU strives to create fair jobs for Ghanian women. The brand not only pays them a liveable wage, but also provides them with healthcare and security. BRB while I buy the entire store.

Palm Noosa.

Image: Instagram/@palm.noosa


Palm Noosa just S C R E A M S summer. Floral dresses, two-piece sets and vibrant swimsuits are the brand's specialty. I love buying one piece each year as a little treat to myself. They last really well too, and are SO comfortable. 

Elka Collective.

Image: Instagram/@elka_collective


Everytime Elka Collective launches a new collection, I let out a little gasp. This label is heaven for the girls who like neutrals and browns, because that's the colour palette they usually work with. From dresses to knitwear, this brand does it all.

Clothing the Gaps.

Image: Instagram/@clothingthegaps


Featuring sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, Clothing the Gaps makes inclusive clothing with an important message. This not-for-profit brand was created by healthcare professionals, who aim to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people’s life expectancy. Just make sure that when you're adding something to cart, you look at whether it's 'Ally Friendly' or 'Mob Only'.

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Featured Image: Instagram/@sancia_thelabel @posse