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Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley's latest Instagram posts answer the question everyone's asking.

From early on in the season there was speculation Ali Oetjen was single after the Bachelorette finale – either because she pulled a Honey Badger or because she and the winner simply didn’t work out.

Well, last night Ali and her chosen man Taite Radley showed us just how in love they are a few months on, each sharing lovey-dovey posts on Instagram.

Ali posted a photo of her and Taite smiling at each other in front of a kangaroo, which she noted had photobombed them.

“We are outdoorsy adventurers aren’t we lovey!” she wrote.


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“These past couple of months have been so hard, long distance relationship plus keeping us a secret plus how over the moon happy I am!”

“I’ve never been more spiritually, emotionally, physically connected and in love. You light up my world beautiful! #bacheloretteau #mrright #onelove #youaremyeverything”

Taite, went for a slightly less gushy approach, but nevertheless dropped the l-word in a sweet post of his own.

“You’re the reason why I have been so happy,” he wrote.

“Now everybody knows. I love you and I can’t imagine a day I won’t.”


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It comes as a surprise to many of us who (feeling a lil bit sheepish now) were certain Ali and her beau were broken up.

We took signs like Taite’s non-committal nature and Ali’s vague pre-season interview answers about finding someone, but also Channel Ten cutting their promo of Ali crying over Todd’s almost proposal just right.

Speaking of Todd, he hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram post-finale – and after watching him get his heart completely broken, we’re not surprised about that.

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