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Literally all the best reactions to the most heartbreaking The Bachelorette season finale.


The Bachelorette is all over for yet another year and we finally have our winner.

In tonight’s season finale, Ali Oetjen said goodbye to fan favourite Todd King (we know, we’re heartbroken too), choosing Taite Radley.

Ali chose Taite as her winner.

32-year-old Ali began her [televised] search for love five years ago when she appeared on the inaugural season of The Bachelor Australia.

In the second last episode of the season, Ali was sent home as Tim Robards went on to choose his now wife Anna Heinrich.

Earlier this year, Ali returned to our screens once again on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia.

Soon after, Ali coupled up with former Bachelorette contestant Grant Kemp.

Just months later, the pair went through a public, bitter break-up and Grant told the media there was a salacious story behind the end of their relationship.

Grant & Ali Bachelor In Paradise
Grant & Ali on Bachelor In Paradise. Image: Instagram

Then in October, just as Australia was preparing to watch the first episode of The Bachelorette, the Daily Mail published a story where Grant shared his and Ali’s private text messages about the incident.

When Grant released their texts to the Daily Mail last month, Ali told Mamamia it felt "horrible" to hear the stories Grant had been sharing with the media.

"If you have an ex saying stuff about what you discussed in your relationship – someone that you trusted – and now it's out there, it’s not very nice," she said.

We unpack all the drama from Ali's last week as the Bachelorette on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio. 

"I feel like he's just someone who's trying to ride this wave and get his name in the headlines all the time and he's succeeding."

But coming on to The Bachelorette, Ali had yet another chance at love – and this time her goals were clear.


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Going into this season, Ali laid it all on the line. She wasn't just choosing a winner, she was planning to choose someone to be her husband and the father of her children.

The final two contestants came down to 28-year-old Taite Radley and 26-year-old Todd King.

Todd was a frontrunner and fan favourite from the moment he arrived to meet Ali for the first time dressed as a knight in shining armour.

But despite sharing Ali's wishes to settle down into marriage and children, he was sent home – and understandably, Australia was pretty damn devastated.

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