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"I didn't enjoy it a great deal." Nick Cummins has reflected on his time on The Bachelor.

Upon reflection, Nick Cummins says when it comes to The Bachelor, he “didn’t enjoy it a great deal”.


The 31-year-old who chose no one to be his girlfriend after the eight week reality show, copped a fair bit of backlash after the controversial finale.

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Cummins told The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday that although he didn’t find it all that… fun… he doesn’t regret it because he “learned a lot”.

Since his emotional appearance on The Sunday Project where he shared he had “never been in a mental space as low”, the former rugby player appears to be on the mend.

“Life is good,” he said. “I have bounced back and I am feeling good.”

A lil’ stalk of the  Honey Badger’s Instagram story suggests that he is very much out and about, enjoying the Melbourne Cup yesterday.

He had his country hat on. His moustache was in flying form. He was behind the DJ booth where he probably wasn’t allowed, touching equipment and singing very badly, and he seemed stoked about it.

Cummins added that he’s keeping his love life very private, and lying low at the moment.

A lil’ bit of a deeper stalk of Cummins’ Instagram also tells us that a) not one contestant from The Bachelor follows him on Instagram and b) he doesn’t follow any of them.

Not even Cass.