Andy Lee just shared a very gross photo on radio, leaving two hosts traumatised.

While Hamish Blake is gallivanting in New York with his wife and children, his other half, Andy Lee, has been having a far less glamorous time.

You see, it’s his butt.

Our first clue that something was amiss with Andy Lee’s butt was when he did a radio interview from hospital, and said, “I hope people haven’t got their dinner, it’s a haemorrhoid. It is the biggest haemorrhoid you have ever seen in your life”.

The comedian said he was “struggling to walk” because of a haemorrhoid so big “not even the Mountain from Game of Thrones could push this thing back in”.

He had to get SURGERY. In HOSPITAL. Because of his BUTT HAEMORRHOID.

We thought the saga of Andy Lee’s butt was over, but when he appeared on KIIS FM’s Jase and PJ on Wednesday morning, he told the whole goddamn story. And… goodness.

“It kept growing and growing and growing until it was nearly the size of a lemon,” Lee told the hosts, neither of whom consented to such a graphic level of detail.

“I couldn’t sit down, couldn’t walk.”


Of course, Lee then asked his girlfriend, Rebecca Harding, to inspect his butt, which sounds like the exact kind of request that should end a relationship but OK.

After two nights of living with a lemon on his butt, it… burst.

“We rang emergency and they said you’ve got to try and drain it,” Lee said, and somehow, that became the job of his poor, innocent, abscess-less girlfriend.

The 37-year-old described the haunting scene of him bent over the bathtub while his partner drained the haemorrhoid. Oh – and in case you were wondering – the amount of liquid that came out was roughly the same as a SCHOONER OF BEER. Not quite a PINT, he clarified, but definitely a SCHOONER.

It would seem there were… problems with Lee’s at-home method of draining his butt, so he ended up in hospital.

But not before he managed to take a photo of the hole that had been left by the haemorrhoid – a photo he chose to show to radio hosts Jase and PJ.

Unsurprisingly they were completely and utterly traumatised, literally shrieking when they were shown the image.

“OH MY GOD, HOLY SH*T,” yelled PJ, before asking, “IS THAT YOUR ARSEHOLE?”

“No, that’s down there,” Lee said, and WHERE. WHAT IS WHERE.

Watch: Andy Lee shows KIIS FM’s Jase and PJ a traumatising photo of his butt. 

Video via KIIS FM

We need to see this goddamn photo.

It’s the very least Andy Lee could do given the extent to which Australia is now invested in the wellbeing of his butt.