Andy Lee's boyfriend fail saw Bec Harding trapped in a bathroom for 8 hours.

Rebecca Harding was stuck in her bathroom for exactly 7.5 hours because her partner, Andy Lee, forgot to fix the door.


No food. No bed. No phone.

Sharing the story on Hamish and Andy’s podcast, the comedian explained to his co-host that a few weeks ago he returned home after a night out a few hours later than expected.

His girlfriend, Bec, was waiting at home for him and noticed he had more beers than anticipated as well.

“You’re going to sleep in the spare room,” Bec told Andy.

Content with that arrangement, the radio personality got comfy in his bed for the night, and, as you do, went to sleep.

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Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding. Image via Instagram.

"In the morning, after nine hours of sleep, I went 'Oh, I better go check on Bec'. Went across, and she's not in our bedroom," Andy tells his co-host Hamish Blake.

"Then I hear from the bathroom, our little ensuite, 'Sweetie'...I open the door and Bec's there and she just bursts into tears."

Oh no.

"I was like, 'Oh is everything alright'. She's like 'Yea'. She's trying to gather her thoughts, she's exhausted," he continues.

"And that's when I remember, for the last four months, Bec has been asking me to fix the internal bathroom door."



Explaining how she got stuck, Andy said that at 2 o'clock in the morning Bec went to the bathroom to do a wee, closing the door behind her.

When she went to get back into bed, the door handle broke off.

That... honestly could not be more frustrating.

Bec tried to create a makeshift bed with bathrobes and towels. But with the switch for the light and fan - which she had turned both on - on the outside of the bathroom door, getting to sleep was going to be a struggle.

So how did she spend her time locked in the bathroom?

She did three face masks, and had a bath.

Although she did try to get Andy's attention by hysterically yelling out "Andy, Andy!", which, as Andy says, must have been a little alarming for neighbours.

Andy didn't say whether he has now fixed the door, but by God surely it's time.