AHOY! Hamish and Andy are back, and here's everything you need to know.

Hamish and Andy are back this Thursday and act cool. 

It will have been precisely 91 sleeps since we last heard them in our ear holes, and I think we can all agree that is 91 too many.

Their brand new weekly podcast, titled (and write this down so you don’t forget) The Hamish and Andy Podcast will launch on Thursday, 1st of March, and will be different to their radio show – mostly because of the medium.

“The difference is these days we don’t have a radio beast to serve. We don’t have to rush into a song or an ad. It’s also a chance for more people around the world to tune in,” Lee told The Sydney Morning Herald


The other notable change will be that listeners can no longer call in, so instead, the comedy duo will be calling their listeners.

“We want to interact with our listeners, that’s what its about. They’re much funnier than us,” Lee said, and indeed their rapport with their audience is one of the pair’s greatest strengths.

The show will include sketches, segments and, in Lee’s words, “just different ponderings”.

But will there be ‘Upset Andy’? Will ‘Cool Boys and the Front Man’ ever perform again?

On Thursday, we might just find out.