Rebecca Harding's Logies clutch has left us speechless.

There are many things you expect to see on the Logies red carpet.

Bold fashion statements, classic floor-length gowns, diamantes and fake tans aplenty, sure. But an empty clutch? Never.

rebecca harding logies
What is this magic? Source: Mamamia.

Sure enough, though, that's exactly what Mamamia red carpet correspondent Monz Bowley discovered on Sunday night when Rebecca Harding and boyfriend Andy Lee dropped by our very own Mamamia 'Stop Revive Survive' pit stop to stock up on snacks, bandaids, safety pins and other essential items that Aussie celebs attending the celebrations may have forgotten to pack on the night.


"I've got nothing in my bag," Harding said opening her clutch.

"I don't have anything in here. My phone doesn't fit and then that's all I need, isn't it? I hope I don't need anything else," she added smiling.

Ummm, are you kidding me? That's all you need!?

What about lipstick, or a chapstick, or house keys, or a credit card, or some emergency hard cash cab money lest you get stranded, or, or, a tampon even if it's not that time of the month or a scrap of paper that's been floating around for months? People always need a scrap of paper in their bags, don't they?

rebecca harding logies
I'm not mad, I'm impressed. Source: Mamamia.

No? That's just me? Okay....

"She had like, 25 condoms in there, and then I was like, 'what's that all about?' and she was like, 'oh, no, sorry, I don't know who put them in there!'" Lee joked.

Naturally, Monz stacked Harding's clutch chock full with tissues and snacks before sending the couple on their way into the ceremony. Phew!

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