"Our royal baby was born." Amy Schumer welcomed a baby boy within hours of Meghan Markle.


In Amy Schumer’s Netflix comedy special Growing, the comedian joked about being pregnant at the same time as the Duchess of Sussex.

“I’ll tell you who it’s not fun to be pregnant at the exact same time as – Meghan Markle,” she tells the audience. “I think we’re, like, to the day the same amount pregnant.”

Well, it turns out she was right.

The comedian pipped Harry and Meghan to the post by one day, welcoming her son into the world at 10:55pm on May 5.

“Our royal baby was born,” she posted on Instagram this morning.


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10:55 pm last night. Our royal baby was born.

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Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed their son on the morning of May 6.

Both have welcomed a son, and both sons are yet to be named (publicly).

Schumer, 37, said in her comedy special she was “enraged” the Duchess, also 37, wasn’t showing yet.

“She’s out there in six-inch heels, adorable outfits and there’s been no bump. She, like, cups where the bump will be,” Schumer said, before miming Meghan’s actions with a microphone stand.

You can watch the trailer for Growing here. Post continues after video.

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“People see me, they’re like, ‘Oh, the last couple of weeks are the hardest, right? Are you crowning? I think I can see an ear,’” she added.


In making her pregnancy announcement, Schumer pasted photos of her and husband Chris Fischer over the top of a picture of Harry and Meghan.

Her pregnancy announcement was particularly original, as she directed fans to the Instagram of political journalist Jessica Yellin who announced the news for her. 

“Please follow her for up to the minute #newsnotnoise she breaks down what’s really going on. She agreed to post a lil noise today for me! Follow her and VOTE!!” wrote Schumer.


Her gender reveal was equally as… different.

In a photo of her and her husband in what appears to be a doctor’s waiting room Schumer posted: “Hey! We love @chancetherapper and hate to be the ones to tell him that Wendys is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault and rape in the fields.”

“This is true. Please read that sentence again. Message for the people in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested with dignity NOT violence. Please join the @fairfoodprogram and #BoycottWendys link in my bio of how you can help.

“Also, we’re having a boy.”


Schumer has kept it very real during her pregnancy, telling the audience during her stand up show about her hemorrhoids.

She also talked about her bump being not as “perfectly round” as is expected of pregnant women.

“My belly button is getting so misshapen with this baby inside that I had to put two band-aids over my belly button today,” she told the crowd, lifting up her dress to show them.

In talking about her hyperemesis, Schumer described the experience as “food poisoning, but for five months”.

“Women don’t tell you how hard it is,” she admitted.

While thrilled to be having a baby, Schumer was very real that the excitement didn’t diminish the pain and sickness she’d endured.

But by the looks of her sleeping son, the smile on her face, and the kiss from her husband – it was all worth it.