TRIED & TESTED: The tanning serum that promises a sun-kissed glow and skincare benefits.

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellness. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Mamamia's lifestyle writer Charlotte Begg reviews the Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops.

I love a good ol' fake tan.

Most Thursday nights you'll find me in the bathroom slapping on a few coats of my favourite mousse and marinating until morning.

Over the past few years I've tried many fake tans. There have been plenty that I've loved, but also plenty that I haven't. Especially when it comes to face fake tan.

Tanning my face has always been a little hit and miss, because as anyone who's tried it knows: it's really easy to stuff it up. So generally, I'll leave my face tan-free and just use a foundation that matches my body. 

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But in 2021, we're all about natural-looking skin and minimal makeup. So I'd love a face fake tan that actually works.

Over the weekend, I tried the Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops that I've been seeing all over my Instagram feed. It's a new Aussie-owned tanning serum with added skincare benefits.


Here are my honest thoughts.

What are the Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops?

The Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops are a lightweight tanning serum, infused with various skincare ingredients, including your favourite hyaluronic acid, to leave skin looking sun-kissed and hydrated.

It has a colourless formula so it doesn't stain your pillowcase or sheets while the colour develops on your face and/or body (huge win!).

It's $59 for 30ml and can be purchased on the Orro + Co website.

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What's in the Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops?

The Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops include hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and a blend of oils including rosehip oil, coconut oil and argan oil. 

First off, the hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil and vitamin E are key ingredients for hydration. Vitamin C has incredible brightening powers, and the blend of oils addresses various skincare concerns. Rosehip oil is brilliant at reducing the appearance of scars, and coconut oil is known to reduce inflammation.

Finally, it includes a 100 per cent natural DHA, which creates the tan colour.

How do the Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops wear on the skin?

Over the weekend, I fake tanned my body and used the glow drops on my face. And of course, I documented the whole process.

First off, I was excited to see that these tanning drops came with a mini mitt to apply the product (you do have to purchase it separately, or in a bundle). So many times I've ended up with tan-stained hands so I was keen to try out this accessory.


The Glow Drops and Mini Mitt. Image: Supplied. The instructions explained that you should apply four to six drops of the tanning serum onto the mitt and mix with your chosen moisturiser or serum. After washing my face, I did what it said and poured the tanning serum and my skincare serum onto the mitt.

The application of the product was seamless. The mitt made it really easy to apply evenly all over the face. I did two coats. 

I applied the product in the morning and by mid-afternoon, I could see the results. I didn't wear makeup at all that day and felt comfortable wearing just the serum alone.

My pale, slightly red, makeup-free face before serum. Image: Supplied.  


My bronzed skin, five hours after I applied it. Image: Supplied. 

The following morning, I noticed that the product had developed even more. I decided to apply less makeup than usual (just some concealer) to let the glow show through.

And it really did.

My tanned face with minimal makeup the following day. Image: Supplied. 


Should I buy the Orro + Co Amalfi Glow Drops?

My verdict? Yes.

This tanning serum is unlike any I've tried before. Generally, I find that any tanning products on the face can end up quite patchy and cling to dry areas. Because of the skincare ingredients in it, this one didn't. 

So if you're looking for a product that will leave your face tanned as well as hydrated, I'd recommend this.

But if you do purchase it, I'd suggest using a mitt - it made the application much more seamless than if I were to use my fingers alone.

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