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Moments before The Bachelorette premiere was due to air, Grant Kemp pulled a cruel stunt.


Ahead of the premiere of Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette on Wednesday, many of us breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Finally,’ we thought.

‘We can forget about that very vivid story about the stairs.

Thank GOD

For anyone who somehow... missed the stairs incident, and/or erased it from their memory, I'll try to keep this as brief as possible:

When Ali and Grant broke up shortly after Bachelor in Paradise (before it had even aired, to be precise), Grant told the media there was a salacious story behind the end of their relationship.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O in May, Grant described the moment he caught a "guy going down on [Ali] on the stairs" to his apartment. "I kicked her out that night," he said.


“This guy was my friend and she was the one who wanted to have a threesome and she told him that. So I took her to the other room and asked if that was true. She said no and [later on], I walked back into that. That’s what happened.”

After staying quiet for months, Ali finally responded to the claims in September, telling Stellar magazine, "My major reason for not saying anything is that I don’t want to give him any ammunition or any reason to keep coming back in the limelight, which is what he wants."

"He wants to keep on grabbing those headlines. It speaks volumes for who he is really," she said.

But just as Australia was preparing to watch The Bachelorette, the Daily Mail published a story that threatened to take the spotlight off Ali's big moment, and back onto the goddamn stairs.

Grant appears to have shared his private text messages from March with the publication, in an attempt to provide evidence of Ali's cheating.

"I'm not seeing you before you leave, goto [sic] the airport and move your flight up," Grant writes.

Watch one of the most controversial moments from The Bachelorette premiere below. Post continues after video.

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"You don't care that you won't see me again?" Ali responds.


Grant goes on to say he can't ever "walk up those f**king stairs again without thinking of that. So f**k no, not seeing u."

In later messages, Ali says, "Baby, you know this is not in my character to do something like this."

"Pls baby, can I take it back pls."

In one of Grant's responses, he writes, "Doesn't f*cking matter you did it, on a Monday."

It's not clear why it matters that it happened on a Monday but... okay.

"I was not in my right mind," she goes on to say. "We should have never gone out partying when we were so emotional and disconnected."

Of course, the leaked text messages attracted significant attention online, as well as a slew of vile comments.

Speaking to Mamamia on Tuesday, Ali said it felt "horrible" to hear the stories Grant has been sharing with the media. "If you have an ex saying stuff about what you discussed in your relationship – someone that you trusted – and now it's out there, it’s not very nice," she said.

"I feel like he's just someone who's trying to ride this wave and get his name in the headlines all the time and he's succeeding."

As much as Grant Kemp is allowed to feel hurt and betrayed about being cheated on, must he share all the crude details with the media? MUST HE?


No matter how your relationship ends, surely it's not necessary to destroy your ex-partner's reputation as revenge.

Let her move on. With one of approximately 20 men named Daniel.