We owe it to Alec Baldwin for letting us know big families are expensive.

For much of his career, Alec Baldwin could just get on a plane to wherever his next acting job was, alone, no questions asked. 

These days, with seven young children with his wife Hilaria (Hillary?) Baldwin and multiple nannies – because, like I said... seven young children – it's a little more difficult. Especially because planes to LA might not have business class space for them all.

"Nannies, kids, my wife," he said in a new interview with Kelly Ripa on the Let's Talk Off Camera podcast, listing off the 11 other people who need plane tickets when he travels for work.

"They don't even have 11 seats in the business class section of the plane."

That's a celebrity quote of the year contender for me. It's the most gloriously out-of-touch thing I've heard in ages. I'm obsessed with it.

He also recalled a work trip to California that required him to pay for four adjoining suites in a hotel in order to fit everyone in. Then he realised he was not going to make any money from the job.

"I look at my wife and I go, 'You realise we're not going to make a dime, we're not going to make one cent. Here we are, mashed potatoes [are] $20 room service, a Diet Coke is $11, you realise we're not going to make a penny'.

"The private plane, the hotel, the room service. We're going to break even on this job I'm doing."

Now that might be a runner-up celebrity quote of the year contender. At the risk of sounding like the 'millennials spend too much on avocados' guy... does he know he doesn't HAVE to buy the $11 Diet Coke?

Although, it would make for fewer ridiculous quotes, which that would be sad for us.

Because life with seven children under 11, multiple nannies, a penchant for business class and $11 Diet Cokes is, shockingly, quite an expensive logistical nightmare, Baldwin has considered a creative solution.


On the podcast, Ripa told Baldwin his family dynamic "has reality TV written all over it". She is not wrong. Can you imagine the chaos? 

Baldwin responded that they have thought about making it happen.

"Everything I do is filtered through the idea of my family, so jobs I take, jobs I don't take," he explained. "Shows we have considered, pitches we've heard and even one or two pitches we've made about our family and that reality show is all so we can just stay home and work from home.

"I'm desperate to try and work from home," he said.

It makes sense. You don't need 12 business class seats if you don't leave your home, and Diet Coke is probably only like, $8 when it's from a Manhattan bodega. Plus, Baldwin may have more legal bills to cover in the future.

Last month, New Mexico prosecutors indicated they intended to recharge Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the fatal 2021 shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust

The Baldwins share seven children: Carmen Gabriela, 10, Rafael Thomas, 8, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 7, Romeo Alejandro David, 5, Eduardo "Edu" Pao Lucas, 3, María Lucía Victoria, 2, and Ilaria Catalina Irena, 14 months. 

Baldwin's eldest daughter Ireland, with ex-wife Kim Basinger is 28, made him a grandfather in May, with the birth of her first child Holland.

In case you're wondering, or particularly concerned about his bank account, Baldwin promised Ripa on the podcast that at age 65, he is officially "done" having children, both with and without Spanish names.

Feature image: Instagram @hilariabaldwin.

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